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George Enescu 3, Victoriei, București

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Primus pub împacă atmosfera de bar cu cea de restaurant, oferindu-ți o gamă largă de opțiuni pentru băuturi alcoolice și non-alcoolice, dar și o varietate de preparate culinare de la breakfast și sandwichuri până la specialități din bucătăria românească și internațională. Toate într-un ambient plăcut, pe un fond muzical prielnic.
Locația este amplasată în zona Piața Amzei - Calea Victoriei, pe strada George Enescu.

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F Florin
28 ianuarie 2018 07:53 Rezervat în data de 27 ianuarie 2018 prin

Foarte ok servirea. Singura oroblenar a fost volumul muzicii care era prea tare si ne-a fost greu sa ne auzim.

I Ioana
16 ianuarie 2018 19:00 Rezervat în data de 12 ianuarie 2018 prin

Localul este ok, il frecventam des. Cu toate acestea primeste 4 stele pentru ca muzica era groaznic de tare si ajungeam sa tipam unii la altii pentru a ne intelege.

D Daria
8 decembrie 2017 17:16 Rezervat în data de 8 decembrie 2017 prin

A great place with a cozy atmosphere. You can have privacy at the tables in the cubicles or be cool socializing in the pub center tables. The food is really good, I was never disappointed in the last 5 years since I know this place. It is one of my first options when choosing a place to hang out with my friends and have a beer/snack.

I Ioana
3 octombrie 2016 10:38 Rezervat în data de 1 octombrie 2016 prin

Le trebuie un meniu de bauturi nou. Cel vechi este incomplet si tocit de mainile tuturor celor care le-au trecut pragul. Altfel, atmosfera este ok si personalul amabil.

Adriana Dumitrof
2 februarie 2018 09:32

I wanted to go here for a long time and I finally succeeded. No regrets!
You can find here the classic atmosphere of an English Pub. Good food, great beer and a nice environment. The staff is friendly, nice and they are paying attention to details.
They use real potatoes to make french fries, and that's a big plus.
The music is a bit too loud though, and if you take a burger, it would be useful to also take a sauce for the french fries, because it doesn't have any.
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Dan Mihai
13 februarie 2018 21:08

It's possibly one of the best pubs in the city. It's nicely decorated and you can see they care for each detail. If you want a classic pub, with a good selection of drinks and food, this is the place to go.
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Adrian Stan
11 aprilie 2018 22:04

Decent place. Gou have a good variation of dishes and the food is pretty good. Prices are average, but personally i did not like the small unconfortable chairs. Also the service is not the good...they should hire more people
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Teo Voicilă
14 februarie 2018 11:44

The pub looks nice, the staff is kind but we could barely hear each other over the table. The music was a bit too loud. Would be nice of they had more types of craft beer.
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7 februarie 2018 20:42

It's a nice place, the food is usually tasty but is very crowded and noisy. The good part is that they accept reservations which are highly recommended during busy days like Saturday night. They have this amazing desert called ''Death by chocolate'' which makes me come back anytime I have a sweet tooth.
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