Potcoavei 120, Pipera, București
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Undeva in Pipera, s-a deschis un loc ultra modern, Phill, care bifeaza si aspectul utilitatii: un restaurant cu un loc de joaca pentru copii la parter, un spatiu cu un design impecabil care ofera o gura de aer si de relaxare pentru parinti.


Miercuri - Duminică
12:00 - 22:00
Luni - Marți


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Florin Tirla
29 aprilie 2017 15:20

did not even had a chance to taste the food. went in a weekend day for lunch, was nobody in the restaurant and the bartender asked us for reservation, number of people and then just left us waiting in the middle of the empty restaurant for minutes... I wonder if poor service is also included.
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Anca Abaza
21 aprilie 2017 16:13

We went to event there and the food was awful overall. We had an opportunity to taste a lot of dishes, as there were platters on the tables and everyone ordered the main course. There were some dishes which were ok (just ok), but most of them were uneatable bad. And the prices are extremely high.
The restaurant and the playing area at different levels, so you have to go up and down a flight of stairs between them. This is probably ok for older children, but it was a nightmare for all parents of children under 3 or 4.
I gave it two stars and not just one because both playing rooms are very nice and appealing to children
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Ela Zen
10 decembrie 2016 19:41

Gated comunity, quiet zone , mostly families . Very discreet comunity. Few parking spots
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alexandra apostolescu
25 iunie 2017 20:17

Mancare foarte buna, curatenie, decor frumos si atmosfera placuta.
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Dragos Gabriel
12 ianuarie 2017 11:10

Am fost de 3 ori aici si mi-a placut. Te plictisesti daca esti copil mai mare.
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