Peter's Kitchen Bistro

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Speranței 6, Moșilor, București

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Bistro Peter's Kitchen are ca specific principal bucătăria britanică, dar abordează totodată și specialități renumite din bucătăria internațională.

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M Marian
27 septembrie 2016 14:45 Rezervat în data de 24 septembrie 2016 prin

Recomand persoanelor rabdatoare. Am fost intr-o sambata cu 2 prieteni. Desi eram singuri in restaurant a durat 50 de min sa primim mancarea (fish&chips si calamar prajit - ambele se pot prepara rapid, in mod normal).
Mancarea nu are nimic deosebit.

Olimpiu Galani
5 mai 2017 21:12

Very cozy and very good food. The portion are big and prices are decent.

I recommend this place.
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Marius Mihai
20 martie 2017 06:34

Cozy place, excellent dishes and good service. Definitely worth trying it as Thursdays and Fridays there are some specialities served.
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Simona Busuioc
31 martie 2017 08:23

Really good food, cosy place and nice staff.
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Cristian Cheru
27 ianuarie 2017 11:52

Nice hidden place on (Sperantei) Hope street. It's a really small restaurant but very cozy. Italian cuisine with international dishes as well. Try the seafood soup and the Balik Ekmek sandwich.
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David Grau Peñas
6 decembrie 2015 12:12

Cosy, small restaurant on a cosy, small street. The staff seem to like what they do and that reflects on the service. Unlike other restaurants with never-ending menus (where they're out of half the items), they have a good range of dishes while keeping the list short. I've been there a couple of times with some workmates and they had every single item we ordered. Everyone was happy with their food and everything I ordered and tasted was up to my expectations, if not better. Summing up, warm staff, tasty food, decent prices.
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