Pardon Cafe

Strada Sibiu 4, Drumul Taberei, București
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Pardon Cafe"

George Cozma
6 august 2019 22:37

Place is not very expensive and chill, good vibe
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Daniel Nica
1 iunie 2019 21:04

Great place. Ain't mainstream but the atmosphere is great. Went here in the summer time but I guess with all the lights it would be great for a hot wine during the winter time. The staff is very helpful and smiling all the time even if one of the guys was serving us outside during a rainy day. Great place. Congrats to the owner and the team.

The place has personalty. 🎉
The prices are low. 👍 (5-7 RON for a draft beer)
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Danculoiu Alexandru
26 iulie 2019 09:46

Cozy, out in the open, inexpensive and good for groups
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10 iulie 2019 06:32

Great place, reasonable prices and service, however if you are in good company its a nice place to hang
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me mihai
21 ianuarie 2019 10:35

Cozy and well-stocked, sometimes it could be cleaner. In the summer they have a great garden
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