Pardon Cafe

Strada Sibiu 4, Drumul Taberei, București

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Pardon Cafe"

Alexandru Dalak
26 mai 2018 21:30

Awesome atmosphere, very relaxed and casual. Good service and good prices.
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Raluca Enache
5 iulie 2018 18:39

One of the oldest bars in the neighborhood, with a familiar atmosphere, nothing fancy, yet the place is all full due to the chilled and relaxes atmosphere + plus small.prices
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Tiberiu Paslaru
13 aprilie 2018 06:10

Service is minimal, but sufficient if you just want to have some beers and good socializing with a bunch of friends. Don't go there having high expectations about the pub itself.
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Andrei Olaru
2 iunie 2018 00:11

Always a pleasure coming here
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liviu mirica
24 octombrie 2017 23:00

Simply great. A place where you can go have a drink and feel like you are part of a big family.
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