Lipscani 9, Izvor, București
Origo nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

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Origo nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
Origo este o cafenea localizată la adresa Lipscani numărul 9. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Origo te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american.

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Jacob Nørgaard
26 iulie 2019 22:19

Nice quaint little place for misc drinks, classic and local. We experienced very nice service, good drinks and of course the warm evening didn't make it any worse. The place isn't much kid friendly at night, but granted, which places are?

Certainly a recommendable place and the secluded location was nice!
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Mees X
18 august 2019 09:47

Origo was amazing. We had the pleasure of trying one of their 90+ coffee experiences, the barista took the time to really explain the origins and production of the coffee, which was an amazing experience. The constant water refills are a nice gesture too.

Love this place and will be sure to return!
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Patricio Garcia
11 iulie 2019 11:04

You are their best customer from the moment you arrive! The place is literally a coffee celebration from the cozy tables to the decorated lights. It’s not only for adults as kids can also enjoy a nice hot chocolate and a few pastries. But it is definitely mostly for coffee lovers. Great service and of course great coffee !
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The Five Star Nomad
19 iulie 2019 22:38

Origo is not in the centre of town. They don’t welcome laptops and, from what I saw, don’t serve food to any great extent.

And yet, it was PACKED when we visited - inside and out.

Having grateful taken some bar seats, we were walked through the menu (much appreciated) and even told how best to enjoy our drinks before tasting them.

So hipster, so pretentious, so in love with all that Origo is.

Five stars.
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Birbaumer Mirko
17 august 2019 08:25

Incredible, incredible, incredible!! I am a coffee aficionado, but rarely seen such competent personal! Coffee menus are a proof of creativity and fantastic taste you find in this place!
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