Strada Clucerului 41, Aviatorilor, București

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Fondat in 2013, restaurantul Olio reprezinta traditie, profesionalism si mai ales arome imbietoare. Pentru noi, cel mai important este sa va oferim momente remarcabile, sa infiripam o relatie bazata pe gusturi si parfumuri deosebite!

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Luni - Duminică
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Păreri despre "Olio"

Veronica Agachi
27 decembrie 2018 23:02

Waiter did not know their wines. What I picked for desert was not so good. They are an Italian specific restaurant but they did not have gnochi that day, although it was in the menu. A bit dissapointing.
The place is comfy.
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Alecu Constantin-Alexandru
29 iunie 2018 11:59

The pizza is cheap and well prepared. The olive oils are the greatest, those are making this restaurant special. Between 12 and 3PM there is 15% discount for loyal clients.
Other dishes than pizzas and pastas are a bit expensive, but delicious, good value for money.
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Gabriel Gheorghe
2 decembrie 2018 21:26

Hidden location, but it worth a branch / lunch when starving within the neighborhood. The staff was friendly and prompt, the food was quiet good. We'll come again anytime when passing through their area.
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Adeline Ramone
27 octombrie 2018 13:54

Great and fast served pizza!
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Daniel Lungu
5 iulie 2018 02:43

A great place in a very nice neighbourhood. Italian style cousine with quick service and nice staff
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