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Intrarea Veronica Micle 4, Victoriei, București
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Vino sa descoperi Bretania, istoria, cultura si gusturile ei: Gauguin, Asterix, galettes de sarrasin, crepes de froment, cidrul veritabil si multe altele!

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Marți - Vineri
12:00 - 22:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Nominoe"

Mihai Radulescu
15 august 2019 19:41

Cute authentic Breton galette&crepe place. Tasty quality ingredients and lovely service
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Adriana Leonte
7 iunie 2019 19:45

Maybe one of the most amazing places in Bucharest I've been to so far. The moment you walk in its like you stepped in a fairy land. The service is impeccable and we were told so many things about Bretagne and its history. Almost every dish has a little story behind it. You must try their organic/bio cider, and they also have some craft beer. As if this is not enough awesomeness already, they also have a shop where you can buy goodies to take home.
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johnnycashmir .
30 ianuarie 2019 12:59

Decided to go here after a friend recommended the place and was not disappointed. We had 3 crepes, one salty and two sweet, made to perfection and with fresh ingredients. I also had a glass of their own IPA beer, which was excellent. They definitely deserve more exposure and I hope they get the recognition they deserve. Will definitely be back!
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Damian Frunza
6 iunie 2019 22:37

Lovely place, amazing food, very helpful staff! I highly recommend it!
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Georgiana Buliga
15 mai 2019 22:29

Nominoe, the best crepes and cider!
Nominoe, a very nice and cozy place where you can find the best bretonne crepes in Bucharest, salted or sweet and an excellent cider made from quality ingredients. If you want to eat the best sweet crepes, you definetly must try "pomme le rois". Nominoe, best crepes, cozy place, warm and friendly staff. I definitely recomended it!!
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