Austrului 10, Iancului, București
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Restaurantul No 10, "o mica afacere de familie" - situat in centrul Bucurestiului, pe strada Austrului, nr. 10 - va invita sa gustati cele mai savuroase preparate ale bucatariei italiene, pregatite dupa retete traditionale, intr-o atmosfera calda si primitoare.

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19 iulie 2019 19:03

Super Dooper Cool Argentinian Beaf
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Gabriel Gheorghe
16 decembrie 2018 16:08

Friendly staff, quasi-proffesional but very well intended, no-one could stay angry at them 😊. And there is plenty to choose from the menu, some a bit expensive, some incredibly cheap... Mixed decorations, old slow music, good stuff over all! Maybe next time they will get 4 stars!
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18 decembrie 2018 00:04

Excelent food, excelent people , amazing place
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Bogdan Dragne
4 decembrie 2018 05:03

Very good food and great service!
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Ciprian Cordun
28 iulie 2017 13:17

I have recently held an event for 30 people here, on the terrace. We ordered the events menu displayed on the website. The food was absolutely excellent (look, quality, quantity) and the service was very good. I appreciated how easy it was to have everything organized thanks to the very responsive host. They were, above all, very open, serious and honest. I can only recommend this place.
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