Mara Mura

Strada Benjamin Franklin 5, Piața Romană, București
Mara Mura nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Preț Exclusivist

Mara Mura nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Salut! Eu ma numesc Mara Mura! Nu te lasa inselat de aspectul meu de copil, eu sunt un mic cofetar care ia foarte în serios tot ceea ce face!

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Marți - Joi
10:00 - 21:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


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6 septembrie 2020 21:45

Lovely place, cozy but very expensive
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22 septembrie 2020 10:15

I love this! Very good cakes made with good quality ingredients. I like a lot the mini-cakes because you can sample different types without guilt and they are not very sweet. Absolutely perfect!
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22 septembrie 2020 14:27

I came here a while ago in March 2020 and even if it was a bit late and there were not many options available left, I went for a slice of pavlova cake which I expected to be 6 lei but ended up being 12 instead (I guess they also weigh it so I might have misread the price per 100 grams so that's on me, but if you come here first time ever, you might want to ask the waiter about the price too). However, I was really excited to try it out since it's so popular and I've never had a pavlova cake before , but I was so disappointed with the extremely sweet taste and with no cream at all (let alone it was also very dry and unable to balance the sweetness out). I could not even finish it. I heard from others that pavlova is amazing but after trying it here, I am not sure if they just made a mistake in the recipe that time and I was just unlucky, but for me it was a bad experience. Maybe next time.
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24 octombrie 2020 11:14

Excellent service. The writer was serving in a professional manner. The latte was perfect and the cheesecake was delicious 💯👌💓
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18 octombrie 2020 20:44

Well placed and renowned for the great desserts, Mara Mura offers excellent cakes to satisfy the sweet-tooths; be careful, some are quite over-the-edge sweet.
Crowded and somewhat slow service, the place can be uncomfortable.
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