Locanta Jariștea

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George Georgescu 50-52, Palatul Parlamentului, București
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Locanta Jariștea este un restaurant localizat la adresa George Georgescu numărul 50-52. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 23:00.

La Locanta Jariștea te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific internațional.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


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S Shermin
17 februarie 2019 19:16 Rezervat în data de 17 februarie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Servirea excelenta! Foarte dragut amenajata si muzica placuta; locatia este ideala de mers cu parintii:) Preturile un pic peste medie si servirea este inclusa in nota de plata.

Azzurytt Romania
3 decembrie 2018 17:13

Located nearby Parliament Palace, this restaurant takes you back in time with its old times atmosphere.
Their impressive menu is mainly based on old recipes.
Here you will spend wonderful evenings with live music starting from 19:30 until the last guest.
Upon artists’ daily availability, the different music genres - about 4 during the same night - varies from opera to instrumental, to old party folk.
So it will be hard to resist not to try the dance floor also.
Expect some beautiful surprises from the owner before leaving this restaurant !
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Mona Grossman
26 septembrie 2018 20:05

Impressive collection of old pictures, wall clocks, tableware & cutlery. Nice and vivacious live music. That's all about this restaurant as the food was horrible!! One dish left a mould taste but the stuff don't want and are unwilling to deal with the problem. Very disappointing I definitely don't recommend. Purely tourist trap.
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Brio Alex
1 februarie 2019 21:23

The food was ok-ish and the service ok-ish. The location looks good, but that's all. The check also contained the tip - this is not usual in Romania, but maybe they are afraid they won't get a tip.
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Dmitry Pinchuk
4 noiembrie 2018 22:22

Price is not adequate to the quality of food. Pheasant was overdried and rabbit as well. Bread is very usual, local tinctures are insipid. Price in the bill is higher than in menu, and this is not because of tips. They said that today they don't accept card payments and I had to go to find ATM to pay. Don't spend your time and money there!
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livia birda
4 iulie 2018 14:46

The restaurant was great in terms of presentation, the music and waiters were really nice and it was a highlight. BUT! The food was HORRIBLE!!! The meat was chewy and hard to eat it was really disgusting. The food in general was disappointing. We had some food platters and a few plates with different kinds of meats and all costing a very exaggerated price which was very upsetting.
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