LIO Restaurant

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Strada Eclipsei 111, Popești Leordeni, București

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"LIO Restaurant" este o locatie cu specific international! Acest restaurant a fost conceput din dorinta de a crea preparate pentru toate gusturile.

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M Madalina
7 octombrie 2020 23:50 Rezervat în data de 7 octombrie 2020

4 iulie 2020 10:53

Had some breakfast..nice omelet platter with cold cuts and veggies. Staff were polite and professional. Nice cozy area also. Recommend!!!
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5 februarie 2021 00:27

I ordered food at home, I received the order in 2 hours considering that they are 10 minutes from their location, the food came almost cold and besides that soup with terrible appearance and taste, some french fries soaked in oil and cold and a chicken which was covered in a crust, only it was more crust than chicken🤦‍♀️.
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5 februarie 2021 00:29

Estimated delivery time 50-60 min and real time two hours 👍Food: inedible soup and pizza with slices of something with bones and cut very thick 👍👍👍👍👍
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4 noiembrie 2020 03:58

A beautiful location with a suitable staff and delicious food! I return with great pleasure! 🥰🥰
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25 septembrie 2020 21:10

Very friendly staff. Large, airy terrace. Private, spacious parking. Small, fenced playground. Average to high prices for location position. Food ok.
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