LIO Restaurant

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Strada Eclipsei 111, Popești Leordeni, București
Preț Moderat
Strada Eclipsei 111, Popești Leordeni, București
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"LIO Restaurant" este o locatie cu specific international! Acest restaurant a fost conceput din dorinta de a crea preparate pentru toate gusturile.

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La stradă e sufletul comerțului

Berceniul abundă de culoare și creativitate, în care oamenii iubesc mai mult ca oriunde afacerile cu caracter local, iar cu cât mai la stradă, cu atât mai bine.

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Cumpără de la tine din cartier.

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M Madalina
7 octombrie 2020 23:50 Rezervat în data de 7 octombrie 2020

29 mai 2021 23:12

Best place for a summer evening or a delicious dinner delivered right to ur home. Friendly staff and great ambiance. Please don't forget to try the lava cake❤️
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19 iulie 2021 09:57

Nice and quiet place to eat/drink
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4 iulie 2020 10:53

Had some breakfast..nice omelet platter with cold cuts and veggies. Staff were polite and professional. Nice cozy area also. Recommend!!!
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25 iulie 2021 22:59

Short and to the point:
- one star offered for the following reasons, 2 attempts to dine at the Lio restaurant proved to be a total fiasco from entering the restaurant to waiting for a person to offer you a meal
-program displayed on the internet opening at 12:00 PM you arrive at the location at that time, gate drawn, dry and ugly answer we open at 14:00. I would suggest you to be as transparent as possible regarding the operating schedule both online and at the location.
- Staff agitated and lacking in common sense

* I can't say what the food or atmosphere is like, because I haven't had a chance to try it.
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28 iunie 2021 16:20

I do not recommend this place. The food is of very poor quality (apart from the pizza, which is decent).
The music was really annoying, we couldn't hear each other at the table - we were here a few times, the situation was the same every time. Although we complained about this, and they reduced the volume for for a time, the owner (who was there with his friends) went and turned up the volume exclusively for his pleasure.
You can't pay by card, they don't have draft beer, we were brought food
without cutlery, etc.
I did not have high expectations from a neighborhood terrace, but the lack of attention and respect for customers led me to leave this negative review. And I will never go to this location again. (An unhappy customer is not a big loss to them, but it can help other potential customers choose a place where they are respected).
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