Soseaua Berceni 82A, Apărătorii Patriei, București

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Dispunem de spatiu suficient pentru a gazdui in conditii optime : nunti, botezuri, mese festive, petreceri pentru copii.

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17 aprilie 2019 16:59

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10 noiembrie 2019 09:20

An always closed restaurant can only be symbolized and on Sunday it will be a great event
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18 septembrie 2019 15:47

On September 7, 2019 I had the wedding at this location ..recomand this location very good organization, it was perfect dream wedding .Multumim employers highly recommend this location
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28 ianuarie 2020 13:30

Civilized and pleasant!
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1 august 2018 00:39

I had the wedding in 2017 ... everything was perfect except for this restaurant .... and including the photographer and cameraman recommended by them .... totally unprofessional, unserious and very naughty. And about the restaurant ... I can only say NO ... serving under any criticism .... the food was cold and it seemed old .... I'm sorry I didn't take pictures ... because of my nerves .... the owners I see strictly the interest ... to finish quickly without being interested in the groom's opinion and the drink served totally different from what appears on the menu ... I'm sorry I didn't film when they put other drinks in the glasses than the ones on the menu !!!!
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