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Piata Rosetti 5, Centrul vechi, București

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Legere este un bar localizat la adresa Piata Rosetti numărul 5. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 00:00.

La Legere te poți bucura de o cafea perfectă sau un cocktail pe gustul tău.

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Clara Van Biesebroeck
8 iunie 2019 15:52

Horrible experience here. The location is super nice and the terrace really comfortable. But we ordered a bottle of sparkling water and when I poured it it appeared to be still water. We politely told the waiter and he said it was our fault and that we shouldn't have opened it. They didn't want to change the water for us and were very rude. When we wanted to order food they told us there was an hour waiting time. This was clearly just to mess with us as there were barely any other tables. The food eventually came after exactly 1 hour. The portion was super small, I was hungry after the pasta. The pasta was also very oily. Not nice at all. The chips with the sandwich were nice though. 1 star for location and chips, but the service here deserves zero stars. Truly horrible.
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Octavian Aldescu
29 mai 2019 08:54

A cosy place, an oasis of silence surrounded by the noise of the town. An excellent place to enjoy an afternoon with the friends.
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Ionut Mocanu
14 iunie 2019 15:43

Good location, nice atmosphere but not the best food.
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gogu mishu
4 iunie 2019 21:18

Nice location, poor service, decent prices
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Claudian Dobos
14 iunie 2019 08:45

Oh, the perfect fresh juice and more in a awesome open air lounge.
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