Le Grenier à Pain - Magheru

Bulevardul Magheru 18, Piața Romană, București
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Le Grenier à Pain București respectă calitatea și tradițiile franceze, oferindu-vă în fiecare zi o gamă fină de preparate autentice și proaspete , care sunt realizate numai cu ingrediente naturale. Conceptul are avantajul de a oferi produse preparate și coapte la fața locului cu ajutorul metodelor tradiționale.

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Ze Ep
15 martie 2018 13:41

Don't go to this place! It's a waste of money for your dissatisfaction! I've been roaming this place for a while now so I can try their salmon sandwich and when I finally found it I asked the lady if it has capers as I knew that a true salmon sandwich should have. The "Normandie sandwich" as they call it was a disappointment, with no capers and barely any butter, only with rucola and red onion. When I asked the lady about it she told me that it used to have capers but they must've replaced it with red onions....I looked at her sad face and I wanted to retort by telling her that the pistachio eclair was too dry for my liking but I realized in a split second I will not bother to address myself to a representative of such bad service. A salmon sandwich should maybe have some cheese with dill or at least some lemon to bring a slightly sour taste to it. For the price of 19 lei I'd rather run to the supermarket across the street and buy twice as much for the same price with no-frills price tag.
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Ofer Shtern
8 septembrie 2017 14:26

Looks good .. taste medium...no Air condition or cheap owner hot like in hell...
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Anca Abaza
6 iulie 2017 20:36

I have been here at 10 in the morning for a quick breakfast. I chose a sandwich-croissant fromage & jamon, a butter croissant and a latte. The sandwich was truly uneatable - it clearly wasn't fresh, so given the early hour I can only assume it was there from the day before. Furthermore it was served completely cold, with a cheap bitter cheese and an ordinary ham (a cheaper version of prague ham) which has nothing to do with jamon. I was really hungry, so I actually tried hard to eat it but could only manage 3 bites. And the price for these bites was 15 lei...
The butter croissant was mediocre and the coffee in the latte was horrible (i prefer it with a lot of milk and lucky for me that's how it was, so at least I could drink it).
The decor tries to be chic and cozy, but it is rather cheap and common looking. The bathroom is more of a storage room and locker room for employees and cleanliness is not its strong point (Again, it was 10 AM and the place was empty, so no excuse)
Very disappointing experience, I gave it 2 stars because of a very friendly and enthusiastic young guy serving, otherwise 1 star would be too much.
Never going there again
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The wondering Englishman
15 noiembrie 2017 20:36

Ridiculously expensive for what they are - hence it's often empty
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Andrei Gamulea
5 iunie 2018 21:08

Acest local a fost inchis. In locul acesta este in prezent Targul Cartii. Desigur, o utilizare mult mai buna data acestui spariu central.
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