La Nenea Iancu

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Strada Romulus 55, Bulevardul Unirii, București

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V Valentina
12 ianuarie 2019 11:55 Rezervat în data de 11 ianuarie 2019 prin

Atmosferă plăcută, mâncare foarte gustoasă) recomand burgerul Moftangiului), personal bine pregătit și amabil.

E Elena
9 septembrie 2018 13:23 Rezervat în data de 8 septembrie 2018 prin

This place is ideal for a peaceful evening spent with lovely people.
All food is so tasty, and the menu contains various types of plates. Also, you cand choose between different brands of beer.
The staff is very welcoming and friendly and they take care of your experience there.
Recommed it!

A Adrian
23 iunie 2018 23:14 Rezervat în data de 21 iunie 2018 prin

Am sunat cu 1 sapt inainte pentru o masa cu vedere la videoproiector pentru meci. Am primit ultima masa dinspre iesire in conditiile in care in local erau mese mult mai in fata. Mancarea foarte buna, servirea ok.

Tudor Marciu
4 aprilie 2019 08:59

Great service, good beer, good food. It's a pretty good place for a getting a few laid-back beers.
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Georgia Franks
10 noiembrie 2018 17:11

Lovely place and great service! The woman serving us apologised because they had just changed the menus over and the English version wasn't ready (we just assumed there wouldn't be an English menu at all). She gave us the old English menu and was very helpful at explaining any changes depending on what we wanted to order. The food was great and I loved the cozy atmosphere inside. I definitely recommend this place!
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Stoica Andrei
9 decembrie 2018 21:29

Great place, it's a pleasure to get back here whenever I can. The staff is friendly and the service is great. The food is very good, worth every penny. I recommend this place for family, friends or any other type of event.
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Rex Cooper
2 martie 2019 21:10

Polite and kind staff. Food is nice but the decor needs a bit if updating.
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Patrick Turner
2 martie 2019 18:07

good food, various types of beer, nice atmosphere
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