La Măria și Ion

4,4 / 11 voturi
Splaiul Independenței 290, Regie, București
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Restaurant cu specific traditional romanesc

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B Bianca
20 ianuarie 2018 11:49 Rezervat în data de 19 ianuarie 2018 prin

Mancarea a fost excelenta, servirea pe masura, iar atmosfera a fost una memorabila! Felicitari echipei!

Theodor Stancu
10 august 2018 16:54

Good food, nice place! Servings are too big..and so are the prices. They literaly force you to buy more food in one serving than necessary.(and I am a big guy)
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Igor T.
7 august 2018 09:08

Liked the food and atmosphere. Place seems to be always busy. It was a bit extended food wait time so plan ahead during busy times.
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Vladimir Negoita
19 mai 2018 12:11

If you can drop your fancy act in order to enjoy the present, really fresh and tasty traditional food, with lots of garlic:), then you came to the right place.

Service is polite, place is clean, food is awesome (made in wood fire oven, but try any of they're soup's... You'll be hooked).
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Athanasios - Alexandru Gavrilidis
30 mai 2018 23:43

Very good food and service, the staff is mostly nice. It is a place where they play live music (mostly Romanian gypsy folk music). During the live performances the costumers are kind of tough looking and they are accompanied by nice looking girls (don't try flirt with's dangerous :) ). When they have not live performances from the band the costumers are mostly students which means fun.
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Tiberiu Mocanu
13 iulie 2018 07:03

Măria and Ion are the landmarks of Romanian male/female pair. A lot of jokes about them circulate among Romanians. Have a sample:
Ion goes to Maria and asks:
- You, Marie, let's make love together.
- I do not know, I'm virgin, I'll do it after I'm married!
To which Ion:
- Here's my number, call me after you get married!
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