La Măria și Ion

4,5 / 12 voturi
Splaiul Independenței 290, Regie, București
Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

La Măria și Ion nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Restaurant cu specific traditional romanesc

Datorită numărului limitat de locuri, La Măria și Ion nu acceptă rezervări pe terasă.

Dacă există locuri disponibile, puteți solicita o masă pe terasă când ajungeți la local.

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B Bianca
20 ianuarie 2018 11:49 Rezervat în data de 19 ianuarie 2018 prin

Mancarea a fost excelenta, servirea pe masura, iar atmosfera a fost una memorabila! Felicitari echipei!

Titi Jacob
1 mai 2019 21:57

The pizza is fenomenal here! Huge place, easy to find a place for when you're going out with friends and pretty cheap prices too.
Can't wait to go back.
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Tudor Iliescu
24 martie 2019 14:34

A great restaurant with good Romanian traditional food and good service. I had a beef soup and a stew which were both delicious. The servings are large and the prices are really good. They also have partea with traditional music which I recommend.
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Dan Macovei
13 februarie 2019 19:18

A restaurant with local cuisine A.K.A Romanian Food, hidden betweend the student flats. Relaxed atmosphere decent food. It was missing something, but can't really say what.
Overall had a good time.
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Adrian J.R.
12 martie 2019 10:48

Usually they have a very good Romanian food, sometimes the servers are bored and they don't check the tables. The meat of burger was awesome but the bread was cold.
If you want to eat a good food and cheap, you need to try this restaurant.
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Oana Osanu
16 martie 2019 18:33

Incredibly good, traditional food at a VERY cheap price. The food was served fast the staff was polite, service was generally pretty fast. The interior design looks ok and they also have tables outside.
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