La Finca by Alioli

Grigore Alexandrescu 77, Dorobanți, București

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La Finca by Alioli este un restaurant localizat la adresa Grigore Alexandrescu numărul 77. Deschis zilnic între orele 12:30 - 00:00.

La La Finca by Alioli te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau spaniol.

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A Adina
28 octombrie 2016 20:00 Rezervat în data de 27 octombrie 2016 prin

Fete de masa comuniste si amenajarea destul de trista si neinspirata, dar servire prompta.

Ligia Hortopanu
18 octombrie 2017 16:36

Best Spanish restaurant in town! Very good food and friendly personnel. Child-friendly place. Good music. Nice terrace. A bit higher prices.
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Elena Dobre
13 august 2017 20:47

Good food and more recherché dishes. They pay attention to the ingredients they use and have a good plating.
The only thing to improve maybe would be the drinks presentation and the table set up. However is a discreet place for lunch or dinner, quiet and popular to foreigners.
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Gabriela Snyder
15 august 2017 13:53

First, the decor is lacking in Spanish ness, the entrance unimpressive, the layout of the tables inside, reminds of a workers' cantina. Spain has beautiful music and singers, why the loud newsy music station?
The greeting at the entrance lacking, how much does it cost welcoming the guests? and the staff unfriendly, inattentive.
How difficult is it, to remember 3 items, water, lemon and ice?
When serving proper manners dictate that you do not bust in between two people having a conversation.The house salad should be delicious being the signature of the place not ingredients thrown on a plate.The coffee flan needs improvement. Unfortunately no one at our table was impressed with the food.
Not a restaurant where to return.
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Cezar Ignat
18 iulie 2017 10:43

Good food and a pleasant atmosphere. The menu is small but that means they only make what they are confident will be the best. All in all a great place.
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Otilia Virnav
17 iulie 2017 15:59

I will definitely never return to such a place where the attitude of the waiters is inappropriate. I mean, if you feel like you're a princess, you don't have to work in restaurants. It's that simple. But don't make me feel bad, as YOUR customer, when I ask you for an extra glass for a friend who will arrive in a few minutes at the table. Instead of looking at me like I killed somebody, you could've simply brought that silly glass. Not answer me with superior attitude that you'll bring it when she arrives. Oh, and guess what? She arrived and you didn't bring it. We had to ask for it. Again. You really love to make things complicated, don't you? Too bad for the nice location and atmosphere. The food is ok, but nothing special. It's a pitty that I had to write this much about the attitude of the staff, and not about how good the food could have been.
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