La Collina

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Drumul Timonierului 26, București

La Collina

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Drumul Timonierului 26, București
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Z Zoica
9 martie 2022 16:31 Rezervat în data de 8 martie 2022

29 august 2023 21:40

Great food (the soups and Tochitură are especially tasty), great prices for the quality offered, nice service. It's a good nighborhood restaurant with about 20 tables, so it also has the volume for larger gatherings.

Edit: their sweets are also great. We've been coming here regularly for years now and I can say it's one of the best restaurants in this part of Bucharest. There are downsides: they are missing some of the parts of the menu sometimes, but generally it's great and has everything you need.

Edit 2: whatever you do, please try the Tochitură, it's wonderful!
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2 mai 2023 23:10

Just went by on a casual sunday evening, feeling a bit tired after a long day walk and needed some soup. So we ordered Chicken soup a la Grec, very tasty and quite a big bowl ( 450g), with lots of meat and a big chili pepper. And we just went for the second one too :)).
Have a look at the picture for some flavour tasting.
Good and propmt service always.
We tried previously double trouble burger and pizza, reccomend those as well.
Neighbourhood location, friendly for online orders.
Good quality/price report.
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24 martie 2022 21:59

Cozy little place, in the neighborhood, excellent for a drink or a full meal away from the crowded boulevard.
Very good food, good service and cozy to relax you all the way. Deliveries are also available
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28 iulie 2023 02:23

I ate some fried fish with polenta and it was delicious, The food variety in the menu is quite big, most of the dishes taste good. They have Coliva -Death Cake which is rare to find in restaurants as a dessert!👍

Pizza is ok also, but sometimes they don't have lots of things that are on the menu and it can be a bit frustrating.
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6 iulie 2022 19:00

Prices are indeed very low but as low are the prices, the food is even more low. It's not like it's not edible but it's not done properly and lack any flavor. I rate 3 stars instead of 1 because even thought the food is not very good the staff is very friendly and tries to help you as much as possible. Only recommend to go there for a beer but not for food.
Later edit:
I gave this local a second chance after about half a year and was pleasantly surprised to discover that their food is now pretty good. Not some high end restaurant, but still, one of the best in the area
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