Kumar's Agra Palace

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Alexandru Moruzzi Voievod 78, Vitan, București

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Restaurantul care îți aduce gustul misterios al Indiei în opere de artă culinară adresate atât gurmazilor, cât și vegetarienilor.

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A Adrian
21 iulie 2018 10:00 Rezervat în data de 20 iulie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Mancarea a fost buna, desi sosurile un pic cam dulci. Problema - si motivul pentru nota de 3/5 - a fost servirea. Ospatarul nu stia ce contin preparatele sau cocktailurile, uita bucati din comanda (nu noteaza nimeni pe carnetel) si a adus papadumele pt antreuri dupa ce am terminat de mancat (se raceau) si sosul pt felul principal, la fel, dupa ce am infulecat tot. Localul nu e extraordinar ventilat.
Data viitoare cred ca ma duc din nou la Karishma (cu care nu pot sa nu ii compar pe cei de la KAP).

Dragoș Cristache
18 iulie 2018 21:10

This place is very welcoming for Indian cuisine noobies. The food is extremely tasty, fresh and they make it spicy to your preference. It's a bit pricey but worth going for a taste test. I totally recommend Indian food if you enjoy spices and heat, meat and sauces. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in New Delhi.
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Raluca Gindu
6 mai 2018 14:03

Colorful place!

If you're relatively new to Indian culture, it might be an assault on the senses. Sight : brightly painted walls and paintings, and pictures and tapestry ; smell :sandalwood and a plethora of incense sticks in the air..and the music! For taste: Spices thrown at you from every direction, in everything from the lemonade, bread, dishes.
For those adventurous though it's AMAZING! It can transport you to another world.

Everything we had was very tasty, the lamb was melting in your mouth, and every bite tasted differently. The server was very nice and helpful. For sure we'll be back.
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Savita Singhal
13 august 2018 11:13

Good ambience. Friendly staff. Variety of dishes in the menu but food will taste good only if cooked by the Indian chef himself else it will be too greasy and not to Indian standards.
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Konrad Walsh
12 iunie 2018 15:26

Very tasty and nice food. Nice decor. Quite Expensive.
TIP: Avoid the offer of a shared starter. The owner offered us 'one or two things, to share whilst we wait'. This cost as much as the meal. Its quite expensive and this is not explained at the start.
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ניר זיו
3 august 2018 22:34

The food is very good but the service was very slow. If you’are planning going with kids you should take into consideration.
They also forgot some of the order we made.
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