Kumar's Agra Palace

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Strada Foișorului 52, Vitan, București

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Restaurantul care îți aduce gustul misterios al Indiei în opere de artă culinară adresate atât gurmazilor, cât și vegetarienilor.

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Raluca Paris
17 februarie 2018 19:14

Food was good, but it kind of ended there.

It took 30 min for the order to picked up, another 40 min for just the started to come, and another hour for the main to be brought. And we didn't even order dishes with meat. Just to mention, only 3 other tables were occupied, besides us.

The "highlight" was the waitress trying to coerce us into paying by cash, ISO card...
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nanda palissery
26 decembrie 2017 19:39

Absolutely fantastic. Visiting from the US... chef himself took our orders and served us as it was a slow day just after Christmas...

The food was prepared exactly to our specifications and was some of the best best we'd ever had.

If ever in Bucharest again, would go back without a doubt.
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Ioana Negulescu
31 ianuarie 2018 22:36

One of the worst Indian meals I've ever had. Curries were not silky and smooth, meaning that they were not left to cook enough. They lacked all the spices and aromas that make Indian food so tasty. I had to add tablespoons of my own cumin powder and garam masala to give them flavour. On top of that, they tasted as if they were made with ketchup: sweet and slightly acidic. Really bad, all three: makhani, korma and madras. I can make better curries with my eyes closed. Never again!
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Geo T
28 februarie 2018 08:34

Was my husband's birthday and we searched the internet for a indian restaurant and after we read the reviews we decided to go to this restaurant and we had a great time. The food Was Very good as it should be the ambient was as it should be with indian music and Bollywood tv 😂😂😂. That made us laugh. Was a bit price but I guess once on a special occasion is fine. I guess if the prices were a bit lower they will have more customers.
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Carmen Marginean
25 februarie 2018 15:42

Awesome indian food..the place does not look fancy and sometimes you have to wait a bit for your order to be taken but it is a great choice. They have an amazing garlic bread❤️❤️❤️
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