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Strada Covaci 4-6, Centrul vechi, București

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Kastel - gastrosocial pub - locul care aduce în atenția Bucureștenilor spiritul balcanic. Poziționat pe o străduță plină de poveste în apropierea curtei domnești, Kastel vă invită să savurați bucate balcanice cunoscute, iar la lăsarea serii să sărbătoriți alături de noi cu muzică live.

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Luni - Sâmbătă
16:00 - 06:00
15:00 - 06:00


Păreri despre "Kastel"

Alexandru-Marian Constantin
3 decembrie 2018 22:05

Awesome location, awesome people, great DJ and bartenders.

Oh, yea, good food as well (at least pizza what i tried).
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Diana Enisor
27 noiembrie 2018 13:55

A very nice location for a night out or even a private party! The DJ, MC and the bartenders are amazing!!!
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Minnie Micky
27 octombrie 2018 03:57

The best place that you can be in, i love it, i love the music, i love the staff and everything about the drinks is awesome, you just have to go to the bartender and watch the magic happening! You'll find me here on friday and sathurday. See ya' at the party:*!!!
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Ciorata Iuliana
24 octombrie 2018 18:35

This is an amazing place! Delicious food and good music for everyone!
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Maurits Brood
21 iunie 2018 21:51

They say patience is a virtue. But more then Just patience is what you need to get served here. While I gained gray hairs while waiting for the perfect meal. It was way below acceptable expectations. I would just go to a fast food joint around the corner. Was even worse than new York pizza
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