Il Cantuccio

4,3 / 16 voturi
Fabrica de Chibrituri 2, Rahova, București

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La restaurant Il Cantuccio veti descoperi un loc prietenos, cald si primitor, in care va puteti va puteti elibera de sabloane si prejudecati.
La restaurant Il Cantuccio puteti schimba opinii cu prietenii, intr-un mediu elegant si discret.

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A Alexandra
14 ianuarie 2019 10:50 Rezervat în data de 12 ianuarie 2019 prin

E un local pe care il frecventam destul de des. Au scos portiile mici de paste si te vezi fortat sa comanzi o potie de 600gr daca vrei sa mananci paste - portia este mult prea mare pentru o persoana. Am comandat o pizza si o portie de penne carbonarra. Mancarea a ajuns repede insa pizza era aproape rece si in paste am gasit un fir de par. Pofta de mancare taiata instant! ????

I Irena
7 octombrie 2018 22:42 Rezervat în data de 7 octombrie 2018 prin

Mâncarea este foarte bună, am fost de multe ori în acest loc. Personalul este amabil, iar cafeaua este una dintre cele mai bune băute.

E Elena
16 iunie 2018 18:21 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2018 prin

Cele mai bune paste din București!!
L-am descoperit prin niște prieteni și de atunci vin frecvent.
E intim, confortabil și prietenos. Minunat pentru un prânz de weekend sau o seară liniștită.
Porțiile sunt imense și delicioase.
Thumbs up!

Andrei Gheorghiu
17 februarie 2019 19:20

Great food. Nice restaurant. Could have been a four star experience, but their POS did not work and they forgot to announce that to us when we arrived.
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Elisabeta Kozak
8 martie 2019 00:34

Good food, good service. If you order pasta, be prepared for a really big portion. One thing disappointed me though: the apple pie is served cold, like out of the fridge.
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Sorin Susnea
23 martie 2019 15:56

Don't expect too much! Waited over an hour for our food and it wasn't great at all. The meet and fries were very greasy and the pizza wasn't "al forno", not to mention they forgot to put ginger in my "ginger lemonade". Luckily the weather was fine and we stayed outside, on the terrace as the interior is a bit depressing. The attitude of the young waitress was great though and that alone accounts for the third star.
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Kostas Sakellariou
13 aprilie 2019 22:08

Great food good service. The restaurant is very clean and cozy.
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Roman Adrian
16 martie 2019 15:52

Vary good food, fast service, nice location near "Carol" Park. It has a big menu, everybody can find something in it, about 10 types of broths (or " ciorba") we asked and they had them all, just as many types of desserts, very generous sized pizza and pasta made in a oven heated by wood. The music was not to loud in the background so you can talk with your friends. The food looked real good as well as beeing tasty but we were kind of hungry and forgot to take pictures. Prices are average for Bucharest, about 70 euros, 4 places at the table, first and seccond course and desserts each, drinks and tips included, we had to take some food away home because the portions were so large and the waitress was happy to put it in a doggy bag. In weekends after 14 it can be very crowded, you should make reservations. We will come again.
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