Il Cantuccio

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Fabrica de Chibrituri 2, Carol, București
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La restaurant Il Cantuccio veti descoperi un loc prietenos, cald si primitor, in care va puteti va puteti elibera de sabloane si prejudecati.
La restaurant Il Cantuccio puteti schimba opinii cu prietenii, intr-un mediu elegant si discret.

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A Alexandra
14 ianuarie 2019 10:50 Rezervat în data de 12 ianuarie 2019 prin

E un local pe care il frecventam destul de des. Au scos portiile mici de paste si te vezi fortat sa comanzi o potie de 600gr daca vrei sa mananci paste - portia este mult prea mare pentru o persoana. Am comandat o pizza si o portie de penne carbonarra. Mancarea a ajuns repede insa pizza era aproape rece si in paste am gasit un fir de par. Pofta de mancare taiata instant! ????

I Irena
7 octombrie 2018 22:42 Rezervat în data de 7 octombrie 2018 prin

Mâncarea este foarte bună, am fost de multe ori în acest loc. Personalul este amabil, iar cafeaua este una dintre cele mai bune băute.

E Elena
16 iunie 2018 18:21 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2018 prin

Cele mai bune paste din București!!
L-am descoperit prin niște prieteni și de atunci vin frecvent.
E intim, confortabil și prietenos. Minunat pentru un prânz de weekend sau o seară liniștită.
Porțiile sunt imense și delicioase.
Thumbs up!

Ashly Romero
13 iulie 2019 12:24

This restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating and a nice atmosphere. Right next to the park, so there’s a lot of nice green trees and plants around the area. Plenty of vegetarian options. Serving sizes are big, pasta and pizza are delicious. Wait staff are kind. Bathrooms are nice. You get plenty of food for the price, so it’s easy to share dishes.
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Oana Catalina
15 aprilie 2019 07:33

I've been here many times with my friends and family and I had a great experience every time. The restaurant, placed in a strategic point next to the park, in a green area, makes you feel cosy and relaxed. The service is very good, the food is amazing and the portions are pretty big. I do recommend you to try pastas and enjoy them served straight from the oven in huge pots. Also, the ginger lemonade is great. The prices are very good for this kind of restaurant. In the summer, the outside terrace is beautiful. I never had problems finding a parking place. I love it and I will return soon.
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Serban Balamaci
30 iunie 2019 19:34

Good quality pasta, and the portions are very big. Good desert also. Atmosphere ok.
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Pepper Mint
8 iulie 2019 11:56

The menu is to big, and to diverse for the food to be fresh and good quality. Service is poor. Saw a lady yell at a kid. Also, parents leave their kids run and yell everywhere so it gets pretty chaotic. Regaring the menu, Having everything from chicken to pork pizza pasta and ciorba means that food is not good quality. Also they have outdoor seating on the sidewalk - i dont know who gave them the authorization to do that (they left only 40cm for passage). Find something else
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Vladimir Rosu
19 mai 2019 11:34

One of the best breakfast in town, but be careful to arrive after 10. In the menu it's listed as available starting 9.00, but that's not the case, at least Sunday.
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