Strada Selari 10-12, Centrul vechi, București

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Deschis in decembrie 2017, in Centrul Vechi Bucuresti, strada Selari 10-12, restaurantul iDracula este situat intr-o zona centrala a Bucurestiului, incarcata de istorie si prezent, cu atmosfera specifica epocilor apuse.

Din drag de neam si tara, iDracula Restaurant, Club & Hotel, structureaza un proiect prin care clientii sai, atat romani, cat si straini, sa aprofundeze istoria acestui neam si a acestor locuri.

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aditya ivaturi
19 martie 2019 18:28

Amazing food amazing service
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Miri Shraga
29 decembrie 2018 19:01

Wery poorly food In the midle of the meal they told us we cant to pay buy card and we needed to walk in the rain to atm
The beef was over cooked and the wotres do not speak English at all to
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Petrea Claudiu
26 septembrie 2018 10:07

The music is too loud and has nothing to do with the place - Greek music in Dracula's place? Really!? The service is good and the place looks great. Good prices.
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J&K OnTheWay
29 septembrie 2018 08:35

Food was cold, staff was bed, prices was expencive... and in the end plus 12% for what..?!
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Phuc Nhien Alexandra Nguyen
8 septembrie 2018 01:11

I would like to give 0 stars !!!
It this restaurant all the bad things, that could happen to you, will happen !
- obtrusiv and rude waiter
- long time to wait for your food, although completely empty restaurant
-food was too expensive
- very Bad food. All our dishes were overcooked. You couldnt it the meat because the consistent reminds me of a piece of plastic
- the best point: they tricked us because we were tourists !!!! First they bring some bread for the salad, without our commanding! So we thought this bread would go with the salad. While paying, we noticed that we have to pay 20 lei for the bread !!! SORRY WHAT ?!?!
- paying: the waiter stands next to us and forced us to pay rapidly. Then we were forced to give tip....
In summary: long time to wait, bad food and too expensive and after all getting tricked and forced to pay tip !
I cant recommend this restaurant ....
Do something good for yourself and save the money for better food with a better Service !
It couldnt be worse !!!
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