Strada Selari 10-12, Centrul Vechi, București
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Deschis in decembrie 2017, in Centrul Vechi Bucuresti, strada Selari 10-12, restaurantul iDracula este situat intr-o zona centrala a Bucurestiului, incarcata de istorie si prezent, cu atmosfera specifica epocilor apuse.

Din drag de neam si tara, iDracula Restaurant, Club & Hotel, structureaza un proiect prin care clientii sai, atat romani, cat si straini, sa aprofundeze istoria acestui neam si a acestor locuri.

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Brian Fearn
3 mai 2019 20:40

Brought the main course after one hour... Forgot about the starters until we asked. The potatoes in the mediaeval platter were cold. I like Romania, I really like Romanian food but I can say this place was very disappointing, and I recommend you go elsewhere. The place was not busy and I can see why. Not in the habit of writing negative reviews, but this one is richly deserved
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Ma Ria
31 august 2019 16:43

The service is very, very, very slow. Like slower then in totalitarian times when the waiters were Gods and were making you favor by bringing your food. Food is nothing the write home about, and after twelve pm they turn half of the place into a night club, so prepare yourself for some techno music.
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Lisette Van Iperen
6 august 2019 13:29

Worst customer service ever, very rude. They just hang around, barely help customers. When we paid, the girl was annoyed we wanted to pay by card. Very hard to order a drink, long wait. They want you to come in the restaurant, yet they seem like they dont wanna serve you. Food was ok.
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Θανος Βασιλειου
24 august 2019 11:06

Awful food and rude personel. Only for naive rourists. Beware!
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Adrian Buciuman
18 mai 2019 21:50

The food si good and the price is also good
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