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Strada Selari 10-12, Centrul Vechi, București

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Deschis in decembrie 2017, in Centrul Vechi Bucuresti, strada Selari 10-12, restaurantul iDracula este situat intr-o zona centrala a Bucurestiului, incarcata de istorie si prezent, cu atmosfera specifica epocilor apuse.

Din drag de neam si tara, iDracula Restaurant, Club & Hotel, structureaza un proiect prin care clientii sai, atat romani, cat si straini, sa aprofundeze istoria acestui neam si a acestor locuri.

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4,0 / 1 vot
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G Gheorghe
13 decembrie 2019 06:43 Rezervat în data de 12 decembrie 2019

12 martie 2020 22:55

The hostess and lovely decor both caught my attention. I selected an indoor seat and was immediately greeted by my lovely waiter. He suggested a nice traditional Romanian meal, 2 pork sausages with fries, and Dan made me a super tasty green apple cocktail with the option of alcohol or non-alcoholic. Overall the meal and service was delightful for my very first night here in Romania. Would highly recommend.
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3 februarie 2020 12:35

Very good food, the portions were very big, and for a good price. I had an omelette with salad and a side basket of bread. Definitely worth paying a visit for both lunch and the evening menu too! Good service from Dan as well, very friendly, made me feel comfortable, it was easy for me to come.

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22 ianuarie 2020 15:22

Had a wonderful evening here
After searching the streets for traditional Romanian food 🥘
Great service from Dan
Food delicious, cocktails 🍸 delicious. Hot and tasty.
The only place that serves soup after 6pm 👍
The second night we again wandered the streets and all that was on offer was typical English burgers and stuff or Greek, Turkish etc
So we went back here
Each night we had soup starters for 3 served with fresh bread and a main course 6 beers and 2 cocktails for approx £50 How can you say that is expensive ?
Anyone moaning about this place is just rude
I loved it here and would certainly go back on a return visit to Bucharest
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14 decembrie 2019 18:55

A restaurant with delicious local style food. There is a large selection of fish and pasta dishes. There are several complexes for smokers and no. Inexpensive prices are worth a visit
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27 februarie 2020 14:48

Food was tasty, service was abysmal. Granted it was a busy evening, but they kept running out of menus. Everytime I'd get a menu, someone would come and take it from me without taking my order.
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