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Strada Selari 10-12, Centrul Vechi, București


4,6 / 5 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Selari 10-12, Centrul Vechi, București
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Deschis în decembrie 2017, în Centrul Vechi, restaurantul iDracula aduce atmosfera specifică epocilor apuse. Din drag de neam și țară, iDracula Restaurant, Club & Hotel structurează un proiect prin care clienții săi, atât români, cât și străini, să aprofundeze istoria locului. Meniul se adresează gurmanzilor urbani, iar în unele dintre seri, muzică live, spectacole de improvizație sau de teatru vă vor încânta.

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4,6 / 5 voturi
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C Catalina
5 august 2022 22:10 Rezervat în data de 5 august 2022

S Silviu
24 iulie 2022 10:35 Rezervat în data de 23 iulie 2022

Mâncare super buna , merita sa încercați! O sa mai venim cu mare drag :)

I Iorio
25 decembrie 2021 21:30 Rezervat în data de 25 decembrie 2021

A Alexandru
17 noiembrie 2021 20:01 Rezervat în data de 17 noiembrie 2021

Atmosferă plăcută, servire promptă și amabilă, iar gustările se ridică la nivelul așteptărilor. Recomand cerbul!

G Gheorghe
13 decembrie 2019 06:43 Rezervat în data de 12 decembrie 2019

27 mai 2022 19:00

There is not much of history in that restaurant. The food itself looked good. The vegetarian cold platter seemed to be the tastiest. We waited quite a long time for the food on a non crowded Friday early evening. The portions were not quite large, so we could eat more side dishes. In the end I can not recommend eating in the center. It seems to be only for tourists and the waiters to lure you in the restaurants are slightly annoying.
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21 septembrie 2022 18:01

The food was nice and the prices were normal for a centric place in a medieval style.

My only concern was that the place had only 1 waitress and 1 waiter and took quite long order something and receive our food.

But was good I recommend.
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1 ianuarie 2022 20:05

Loved the baked potatoes!!! My husband loves his Dracula Burger. And our son loves his Nutella pancake! Too bad we already ate before coming here… we will be back soon, as we cannot wait to try more! P.s. the cheesecake is so nice and flavoured. P.p.s: great service !
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24 octombrie 2022 11:29

I have visited this nice place and I like their dishes. Everything was tasty and had a good look. The restaurant is situated in the center of Old town. It is very convenient when you are walking around the center and looking at the place where you can eat something. The prices are also in a good position. Here you can sit inside the restaurant or in the open air place near the restaurant. On cold weather days they have heaters, so don't be afraid to sit on the street in the cold weather. One minus is the long time which I need to wait after my order. More than 20 minutes. Suppose staff can improve that in the nearest feature.
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12 octombrie 2022 04:24

Thought id be going for an amazing dracular dinning experience. And couldnt wait to try the lamb chops as they look amazing in these pictures.

When i asked for a DRINK of coke the waiter pointed to his nose with a big sniff. So i had a fanta.

I was then served cold mash and 1 lamb chop with 2 chunks of lamb meat. Looked nothing like the photos on here.

Im sure they worked very hard on the day of the photoshoot tho. Just to get the tourists to come.


Only positive was the young blonde girl working as host she must have smiled to all 100 people that walked past while i was waiting.

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