GEDI Titan

Strada Prisaca Dornei 8-10, Titan - Balta Albă, București

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Marca de traditie GEDI lanseaza noul restaurant de familie in Titan, unde veti putea savura preparatele delicioase cu care v-am obisnuit inca din anul 1991

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Ligia Ana Solomon
26 iunie 2018 13:35

Tasty and fresh food! The prices are very good! The atmosphere is lovely! One of our best places to go for a relaxing day
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Ltr Adrian
3 iulie 2018 18:25

Nice place good prices but the food is not that great
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Cristin Art
11 ianuarie 2018 10:05

We usually come here with our kids and it's so nice 'cause they don't mind if we are very noisy.
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14 ianuarie 2018 14:12

Over all a nice place to eat at night but some pasta would make a better review .they have no cannelloni
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Cristian Craciun
13 aprilie 2018 08:14

Very good food. Quite cheep as well
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