Funky Lounge [se va deschide curând]

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Bulevardul Decebal 9, Alba Iulia, București
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Un local chic, cu cocktailuri colorate, potrivit atât pentru întâlniri romantice, cât și pentru ieșiri business.

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Shopping Agent
2 februarie 2019 22:32

Great place! It is fancy as it is funky. Great interior, maybe a bit too warm inside for the winter. Great place if you want privacy, more so during the night. The prices can be a little on the expensive side but the quality of the drinks and dessert are worth it. Also they handle the customers with care.
I recommend the place!
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Camelia Radulescu
7 martie 2019 11:20

To access the non-smoking saloon you have to pass through the smoking area, which is really stinky.
Besides that it’s a nice place, with good food and decent service.
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josef bim
18 mai 2019 23:50

the food is not good. the place is nice. good cocktails
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Christopher Wagner
9 martie 2019 21:30

Nice calm atmosphere, well prepared food and delicious drinks. Thank you for a wonderful evening!
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khalid dolba
13 aprilie 2019 00:01

Its better in decebal
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