El Dictador

Strada Lipscani 43, Centrul Vechi, București

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Unui Dictador îi stă bine cu două, așa că acum te poți distra la dublu, în noile locații El Dictador din Lipscani 43 (Intrarea Șelari), parter și subsol!
Până la noi ordine, să facem dezordine... pe ringul de dans!

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Marți - Joi
21:00 - 05:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
22:00 - 06:00


Păreri despre "El Dictador"

gabriel tuculina
22 octombrie 2017 18:24

Worth getting funky in the night club-bar
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Ajinkya Joshi
3 octombrie 2016 06:49

A good place to be when all you need is some music to dance to and some nice beer. The dance floor is a bit small, but you get more than what you asked for.
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Claudiu Jitaru
15 august 2015 14:58

So I was searching for a place to party and all the clubs that I know were empty. Walking through the old city I received a long free drink ticket to this place. There were a lot of people and the atmosphere was awesome. Regarding the prices there were normal prices for an old city club.

Good: Random genre music
Bad: Well, like many clubs in the old city the ventilation system is poor and some areas in the club are very dark. The music is a bit too loud.

From a range 1 to 5:

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Radu Tapus
1 ianuarie 2017 21:29

Good but not great!
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Radu Miriam
27 iunie 2016 12:03

Nice music! Not only the charts also older music!
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