Delicateste Florescu

Delicateste Florescu nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Preț Premium
Strada Radu Cristian 6, Universitate, București

Delicateste Florescu

Preț Premium
Strada Radu Cristian 6, Universitate, București
Delicateste Florescu nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Magazin de cafea gourmet si alte delicatese.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 18:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


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16 februarie 2020 21:28

Mr Florescu is a coffee master. He is in this business for more than 30 years! Although the shop is small the quality of the products is outstanding! You can buy affordable coffee, from ~7lei/100gr, that is very good, but you can also find rare and expensive coffee for the most picky coffee drinkers!
If coffee is not your addiction then you can find nice tee and chocolate! Don’t miss this place, go buy a cup of coffee or a bag!
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19 august 2018 10:11

It’s a small and famous coffee shop. The owner is there most of the time and he’ll gladly tell you some stories about coffee and how to prepare it after famous recipes. You won’t come out of the store empty handed 😄. The prices are high. I tried the coffee they serve there, but I was not impressed. I like to think it is because of the machine they use... All in all, it’ worth a visit, at least to meet the famous Mr. Florescu. And you’ll decide afterwards if you become a regular.
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7 iunie 2019 08:45

The first time I bought coffee here I had the most unpleasant surprise, poor service, poor coffee (seemed stale). A few days back I gave it another try, the same poor service, the coffee... even worse. I don't get it!!! Do they have a special blend for me (leftovers delight) or addiction to coffee makes people give this store such good reviews?
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21 noiembrie 2019 14:10

Was in the city for the weeeknd and i stayed near this deli shop.

Great local food and amazing coffee. Their coffee is prepared with a twist. I found it interesting. I will not spoil this for you.
Amazing cheese variety and home-made products
If you find yourself in the area, dont miss this deli as it has everything you want to eat.
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8 mai 2018 21:51

Two stars only for the fact they were open and willing to explain.
No seats where to stay, quite dirty.
The coffee was extremely expensive and sour.
I'm heading somewhere I can actually drink a coffee...
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