Cucina Borghese

Strada Jean-Louis Calderon 33, Universitate, București
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Restaurantul Cucina Borghese, de pe Calderon taiat cu Batistei, in spatele bisericii Sfantul Nicolae-Batiste, e ultimul intrat pe lista scurta a restaurantelor de lux ale Bucurestiului cu aspiratii indreptatite la eticheta de “fine dining”, de bucatarie fina.

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Cenk Yag
2 februarie 2019 00:55

Very good food and very good prices. The atmosphere is also nice and you could have a romantic dinner here. On the downside, the portions are not very big and won't satisfy you if you have a big appetite. The serving is ok, casual. They also have a nice fish tank and a good selection of drinks.
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Radu Balaban
3 iunie 2019 20:23

beautiful location right in the center, a nice interior a decent italian restaurant not the best in the town but in the first 6. Din nefericire s-a inchis, pacat, mare pacat.
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David Strnadel
7 aprilie 2019 21:35

Great fish!
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Christopher Stark
18 februarie 2018 20:27

Understated elegance. Beautifully prepared food presented in a beautiful high ceiling dining room.
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sutal Al
7 martie 2018 05:16

Mediocre food
the waiter said the menus on internet are not not right
for example the answer for ordering pizza was -the oven is broken
an antricote steak priced by 100 gr. was not
available {but a much pricier was }
before we left the waiter said that the pizza oven is not broken but its not a good business to sell pizza
avoid this place
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