Control Club

Strada Constantin Mille 4, Universitate, București

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Music venue / Pub / Terrace / Concert Venue

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13:00 - 04:00
Marți - Joi
13:00 - 05:00
13:00 - 06:00
14:00 - 06:00
13:00 - 04:00


Păreri despre "Control Club"

24 octombrie 2017 12:02

I’ve been there on a Saturday. Had a very good time. I didn’t queue for too long and the bar service was relatively fast. Everyone was polite. The atmosphere was good and the music is different in the two rooms.
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Florin-Valentin Gherghina
25 decembrie 2017 20:45

Good vibes! Good music! Good atmosphere! Good location! All good! :)
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Andreea Lacriceanu
21 noiembrie 2017 00:34

Considered one of the cool places you can find in Bucharest 😎, but I think it's overrated. Great concerts, usually really crowded. Good and central location. Beer is not cheap at all, except the days with happy hours :)
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Balint Sofalvi
13 februarie 2018 19:55

Nice staff, professional venue with good sound and PA, great performing artists.
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Cezara Prepelita
26 ianuarie 2018 17:24

Usually very crowded. A bit pricey. The service is generally fast.
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