Control Club

Strada Constantin Mille 4, Universitate, București

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13:00 - 04:00
Marți - Joi
13:00 - 05:00
13:00 - 06:00
14:00 - 06:00
13:00 - 04:00


Păreri despre "Control Club"

Lionel Ivanoff
19 iunie 2018 14:04

Very cool place to have a drink with friends. Bar with a charming terrace full of plants. Friendly staff, great music!
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Hans Christian Lehmann Plett
3 iunie 2018 21:48

Outside party garden - even when it rains.
I like the atmosphere, and the people. Just too many people allowed inside. ( 5 stars - on a quiet night )
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Benji Portwin
6 iulie 2018 11:14

Really cool club with a large outdoor area that you can chill and drink in. Music is house, so majority are on party drugs...
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Alex-Tiberiu Balasa
6 mai 2018 23:00

It used to be a very friendly student place during my uni years, a place where I had a lot of great fun with my friends. Most of the customers back then were from architecture and other art unis. Nowadays it struggles to be poshy, hipsterish, seems to be a norm for guys to wear a 2 hours trimmed beard. Overhearing the chats, most of the participants are pretending to have semi intellectual reboiled small talks. Overcrowded during the weekends and summer nights.
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Diego Callizo
6 mai 2018 01:04

I came here with some friends and they didn't allow my two indian friend to get in. No explanation. 21 century racism.
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