Contego The Coffee Factory

Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 54, Izvor, București

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Un loc unde intalnesti aromele celor mai bune cafele din lume, un loc foarte confortabil unde poti savura bauturi de cea mai buna calitate.

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Luni - Vineri
07:00 - 21:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 21:00


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11 octombrie 2020 15:15

I highly recommend this coffee shop. They have a wide variety of coffees from around the world which they offer in a variety of options such as cappuccino, flat white, Caffe Latte and so on. The best thing about this place is the large hidden garden at the back of the joint, which is awesome for a relaxing late afternoon coffee.
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19 septembrie 2020 11:45

Ordinary coffee, nothing special, and a little bit overpriced.
They don’t have a kitchen, the food is brought from another place.
The place has potential
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11 septembrie 2020 20:38

The place could be a heaven for remote workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic since the terrace is spacious and with lots of shade. But, and this is unfortunate, the wifi is extremely slow (if working at all), the coffee is just so-so and the staff isn't the friendliest out there.
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4 octombrie 2020 18:28

Such a calming place, when depresso, turn to espresso
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31 iulie 2020 14:26

Very good coffee. The staff is friendly and the vibes in the garden are exceptional.
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