Chong QING

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Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 28, Iancului, București

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Restaurantul chinezesc Chong Qing va ofera intr-o ambianta linistita, eleganta si placuta, specific chinezeasca, mancaruri de cea mai buna calitate, preparate de un maestru chinez din zona Chong Qing, servire rapida si prompta, avem preparate diversificate din peste, pui, porc, vita, oaie, fructe de mare, pui de balta, legume si salate chinezesti, tofu, etc., toate preparate in stil chinezesc la preturi accesibile.
Descoperiti gastronomia chinezeasca la restaurantul Chong Qing.

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A Ana
25 august 2017 22:59 Rezervat în data de 23 august 2017 prin

Mereu revin cu plăcere. Mâncarea este buna. Porțiile sunt generoase. Prețurile sunt foarte ok in comparație cu porțiile. Vita la placa încinsă este delicioasa. Am încercat mai multe feluri pana sa găsesc câteva favorite.

Andrei Turbatu
6 ianuarie 2019 01:15

Great food and huge servings. I had take away from them a few times and was not disappointed. Great value for money.
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Miri Dinescu
22 ianuarie 2019 16:51

My favourite chinese restaurant in Bucharest. The portions are big and really taste. My favourite dish is veal with oyster sauce.
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Dragos Vlaicu
8 decembrie 2018 21:57

Always a pleasure to eat here. Just be careful at one thing. The plates are HUGE. Veal with Chinese salad is labeled at 500g and it comes in a 2L bawl. That is for at leat 2 people. But worth every bite.
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Bianca Aionesei
17 noiembrie 2018 13:19

This is hands down the best Chinese food in town, but I am only giving 4 stars because the services are not that great. If you go at the restaurant don't get your hopes to high, and if you order from them be prepared to wait for the food at least 2 hours (they are very crowded all the time).
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Corina Lupu
24 octombrie 2018 18:10

Very good food and the portions are huge! Best to go with a group and try several dishes. Be careful how much you order!
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