Chong QING

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Chong QING nu acceptă rezervări online prin
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Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 28, Iancului, București

Chong QING

5,0 / 8 voturi
Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 28, Iancului, București
Chong QING nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Restaurantul chinezesc Chong Qing va ofera intr-o ambianta linistita, eleganta si placuta, specific chinezeasca, mancaruri de cea mai buna calitate, preparate de un maestru chinez din zona Chong Qing, servire rapida si prompta, avem preparate diversificate din peste, pui, porc, vita, oaie, fructe de mare, pui de balta, legume si salate chinezesti, tofu, etc., toate preparate in stil chinezesc la preturi accesibile. Descoperiti gastronomia chinezeasca la restaurantul Chong Qing.

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5,0 / 8 voturi
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A Andrei
2 martie 2019 21:49 Rezervat în data de 2 martie 2019

Mancarea excelenta si servirea ireprosabila. Din păcate aplicatia nu a confirmat rezervarea catre restaurant si am asteptat pana a fost disponibilă o masa pentru cinci persoane. Vremea buna ne-a permis sa stam afara. Mentionez ca rezervarea a fost favuta cu o zi in avans si confirmata prin mesaj text. Asa ca aveti grija daca aveti rezervare prin aplicatie si primiti confirmare prin sms sa reconfirmati si cu restaurantul pentru ca puteti avea surprize mai ales daca aveti un eveniment important. Am facut o sesizare catre dar nu au luat nici o masura. In rest numai de bine pentru personalul restaurantului. Doamna bruneta de la restaurant face cele mai bune recomandari in functie de preferințele clientului asa ca daca nu ati mai fost sau nu stiti ce sa mai încercați chinezesc mergeti pe recomandarea dansei. Ca desert orezul cu susan este extraordinar.

F Florenta
26 ianuarie 2019 21:29 Rezervat în data de 26 ianuarie 2019

C Calin
24 septembrie 2018 23:00 Rezervat în data de 24 septembrie 2018

D Daniela
5 iulie 2018 08:49 Rezervat în data de 4 iulie 2018

C Catalin
28 aprilie 2018 21:01 Rezervat în data de 28 aprilie 2018

D Dan
15 februarie 2018 21:32 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2018

A Anamaria
4 ianuarie 2018 20:09 Rezervat în data de 4 ianuarie 2018

A Ana
25 august 2017 22:59 Rezervat în data de 23 august 2017

Mereu revin cu plăcere. Mâncarea este buna. Porțiile sunt generoase. Prețurile sunt foarte ok in comparație cu porțiile. Vita la placa încinsă este delicioasa. Am încercat mai multe feluri pana sa găsesc câteva favorite.

31 ianuarie 2023 19:26

Best Chinese food in town! We've been here so many times, tried so many dishes and always loved it! I highly recommend the hot&sour soup and the fries. But eveything we ever had was delicious, also dishes you wouldn't usually order like frog legs with bamboo and mushrooms and the pig's ear (the latter was a total surprise - crunchy and so yummy)! The prices are good, huge portions and service is overall friendly. Just one minus - the restaurant could use a fresh coat of painting, it's seen better days.
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11 octombrie 2023 16:41

Great food and service. The place is not fancy, but is cozy and they have really good prices! Authentic Chinese food.
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10 octombrie 2019 19:23

Great, authentic food. Staff is a bit stressed and slow because of it, but otherwise good. Fair, small prices and big plates. Fries take over an hour to get done and they never have spring rolls. Still one of the best chinese restaurants i've been to.

- fries are great and huge but take a long time to make
- legume asortate (simple vegetables) - didnt think they would be, but were AWESOME
- Shanghai shrimp: great! Huuuge portion, unlike any other restaurant that serves shrimp
- order the sauce from the won tons/dumplings
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1 iulie 2023 13:59

The atmosphere is unpretentious. The staff is ok. The menu is very diverse and what we had was delicious. We enjoyed a huge portion of fries, the steamed eggplants and the pig feet. The portions are very large and the food is very good. On the terrace there was an unpleasant smell and the terrace bathroom needs more attention and cleaning. With some more attention to details or can get 4 stars, as the food is at good price, delicious and large portions.
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27 septembrie 2021 23:57

So, we just went to this restaurant - I had it on my list from 2 years ago when I went there and I liked the terrace. I went there because of the good reviews.

But it was not as great as I expected. We were a group of three, unfortunately I only took photos of my order.

The chicken+tofu+shiitake mushroom soup was great. I would go there again to eat this, it was awesome!

but then, everything else was weird. The sizzling plate duck was mediocre - when I order a hot plate dish I expect to see the dish containing my food, but there was an aluminum foil between, and when it was brought, it was definitely not sizzling. Also, in this plate, everything was great but the duck seemed boiled - and it's not nice to have boiled duck skin as it's simply gross.

About the dishes of my friends, it was weird. They were quite good taste-wise, but it was weird to get kung-pao chicken that actually has no sauce. Same with the 5-color chicken. Maybe it's a recipe from a different part of China, I don't know. But everything I can find should actually have a sauce. Therefore, the rice we ordered was pretty useless.

It's not bad per se, but it was quite different than what we expected, especially because the high ratings raised my expectations by a lot.

The waitress kept excusing herself because she's slow, but this does not help it. To be honest, she was very friendly and helpful so I will not take points off that.

Card payment is not possible, and when we told the waiter that they should have it as it's mandatory from the law, she pretty much told us how nobody cares (in her own words, but this was the message).

I might come back, but I might not. Not the best chinese restaurant in Bucharest, although their terrace is pretty nice, and I've seen really nice-looking dishes at other tables. Maybe we just ordered the wrong thing.
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