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Episcopiei 6, Piața Romană, București
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A Adrian
15 martie 2019 19:38 Rezervat în data de 14 martie 2019 prin

Mancare foarte buna, dar meniul are multe greseli gramaticale in punctele in care e folosita limba franceza.

Annette Goh
20 iulie 2019 17:56

Beautiful display and the serving ware was really modern zen. The service was just ok only as we ordered some dessert a few times from the lady but she was so grumpy and did not serve it. We had to ask for it again with another server and the guys serving were good. Anyway the dessert were really pretty and delicious too. Would love to be back there again to try the food as well. Thumbs up for a coffee and dessert place!
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James Hicklin
24 iunie 2019 10:34

Great spot for a coffee and breakfast. It is on a really nice street in Bucharest, surrounded by trees and old buildings. The patio is really nice and feels quite authentic, like you could be sitting in Paris. The prices are on the high side (for Romanian standards), but if you are used to prices in Western Europe than you won't be shocked. Portion sizes are also quite small, so keep that in mind if eating here.
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Radu Petrescu
30 iunie 2019 10:30

Deserts are expensive for their cheap quality. Have eaten better at half the price. Also I expected the serving staff know how to spell their own French menu
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Jane Aavik
9 mai 2019 21:33

Very nice place for a light meal or a nice cuppa with some cake! It's lovely because you can sit outside when it's warmer, it's on a very nice road. Also, the waiters were very friendly, I left cheerful :)!
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mish hu
1 iulie 2019 19:31

Very fine deserts and drinks, but to get a good service it's advices to make sure they don't think you're Americans.

Edit: the service is way below par if you're not from the neighborhood, no mater what.
Really bad.
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