China Town

4,7 / 9 voturi
China Town nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Preț Accesibil
Viitorului 98, Armenească, București

China Town

4,7 / 9 voturi
Preț Accesibil
Viitorului 98, Armenească, București
China Town nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Chinatown va ofera intr-o ambianta placuta linistita si eleganta mancaruri de mare calitate preparate de maestrul gastronom Mu Qiu Lin servite in vase de ceramica sau plita incinsa adusa la masa clientului. Preparatele diversificate la preturi modeste din pui, porc, vita, fructe de mare, rata, oaie, iepure, pui de balta, peste, legume tipic chinezesti, tofu in diferite combinatii sunt pregatite dupa retete vechi de mii de ani pastrate si transmise prin generatii pe care bucatarul le-a mostenit si le ofera intr-un meniu bogat si intrigant si care merita descoperit. Desertul este nemaivazut in restaurantele europene printre care mentionam caramelul de fructe, compotul de licii, si faimoasa inghetata prajita a carei vraja va invitam sa o descoperiti. Serviciul este asigurat de ospatari cu vasta experienta in restaurantele chinezesti cunoscatori a sute de preparate. Sper ca v-am starnit interesul sa veniti sa vizitati acest local care il consideram a fi dupa un an de functionare o comoara nedescoperita.

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4,7 / 9 voturi
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Locația e destul de mica si pe dinafara arata nasol.
In schimb servirea e buna si mancareace gustoasă.
Am citit feedback-urile de aici inainte sa alegem locul si multi scriau ca preturile sunt mici, insa nu erau chiar mici pt zona aceea.

15 martie 2023 23:44

The manager from the hotel we stayed recommended us to come to this restaurant Chinatown, we were so excited, we saw the reviews are much better than the other one.

We ordered

the fishball soup, not bad ;

夫妻肺片 Carne si burta de vita in sos, it was great we finish most of it, we love it;

魚香茄子Vinete “Yu Xiang”, TBH the taste was only sweet sour sauce with eggplant, didn’t taste the ‘YuXiang’ at all, I always like to order this Chinese dish, it’s really good to be eat with rice.

Mate de Porc “ Gan Guo”, We like this one so much,

糖醋排骨Coaste de Porc in sos dulce, I was looking forward about this cuisine. But after the first one I just couldn’t have it no more. The taste was perfect, but, if the pork is well done, it shouldn’t sticks with the rib bones that hard. PLUS we saw there was some blood came out from the bones, it actually is so normal when you cook with ‘bone & this dish the main point is the bones. And told the staff, he tried to fool us and said that was just tomato sauce and put it back to us. I mean Why would you treat a picky Chinese girl like this, it’s totally not about the price, I mean it’s about This attitude.

After all I still would recommend this restaurant as the service are quite good.
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4 aprilie 2023 19:05

The food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, the service is very friendly. We always return to this restaurant with great pleasure!
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2 noiembrie 2023 12:37

It's a small, clean, nice place. The prices are decent given the size of the dishes - even the starters are large enough to be seen as a main dish for a person while main dishes are larger than a normal person would eat alone. I highly recommend to order no more than two portions per every three persons. Especially as the restaurant has a few of those tables with a round mobile disk in the center, allowing everybody to reach any dish placed on it.
The personnel was nice but the restaurant has an aura of being understaffed. Very politely the waiter informed us when he brought us a set of clean plates and forks after we finished the starters that normally they would not replace the used ones ... because they had very few in use and there were no clean ones (!!!).
The food was good. I would not say excellent and in the future I will stay away from the beef belly, but OTOH the sesame chicken was highly appreciated. The only thing I really really disliked was the very very very salty soya sauce. I literally had to sip a bit of liquid after every few bites of algaes and of mushrooms, both of which came generously spiked with soya sauce. And I was thirsty during the rest of the day, I literally drank almost 5 liters of water in the next 12 hours. If you are on a salt-free or low salt diet you absolutely must pay attention.
I liked it a lot that, at the end, seeing the amount of food we were unable to eat, the waiter offered to pack it so that we could take it home with us.
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25 noiembrie 2019 21:24

As a Chinese person, quite authentic Chinese food, probably best one in Bucharest, some dishes not 100% authentic, but very close in taste and method of cooking. Would recommend.
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4 septembrie 2021 23:10

Tasty food. The lamb sauce with curry rice was my favourite. A bit pricey but the portion is so much worth it. If you’re hungry, enter here lol, nice lemonade too…. And I couldn’t finish my food, and the owner was so good to pack for me
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