Café Verona

Arthur Verona 13-15, Romană, București

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S Sabina
9 iulie 2017 21:03 Rezervat în data de 9 iulie 2017 prin

Mancare buna, servire ok. Ambianta placuta, preturi bune.
Ne-am simtit bine, vom reveni

R Roxana
12 mai 2017 20:35 Rezervat în data de 11 mai 2017 prin

Mâncare cu gust comun,nimic speacial.Servire relativ buna dar ospătarii cam plictisiți .

Stefan Moise
3 august 2017 23:19

Very nice garden. Good food, very prompt service. Reservation would be recommended during summer evenings as the place is rather crowded after 6PM.
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Ramo Ion
13 iulie 2017 18:43

Good menu and drinks prices a bit too big. Service is slow and they charged different drinks. They could be more efficient.
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Daniel Sibisan
30 iunie 2017 17:02

Superb garden. Sometimes you wait for the service, and it is a little bit pricy. You can serve fresh lemonades, pasta and hamburger as they specific dishes, but they have other food also
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Anca Abaza
12 aprilie 2017 16:36

It is a beautiful garden in the middle of a busy city, right in its busy centre. However food quality has lowered considerably over time, making the prices quite high for what the place offers. I still strongly recommend the place but mainly for refreshing lemonades
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Andrei Stefanescu
23 iulie 2017 23:33

Service is a little slow (underdimensioned staff maybe), other than that the garden is really beautiful, prices are ok, and the staff is really nice.
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