Café Verona

Arthur Verona 13-15, Romană, București
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Păreri despre "Café Verona"

Anca Abaza
12 aprilie 2017 16:36

It is a beautiful garden in the middle of a busy city, right in its busy centre. However food quality has lowered considerably over time, making the prices quite high for what the place offers. I still strongly recommend the place but mainly for refreshing lemonades
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Serban Liviu
19 martie 2017 13:23

Very nice place for a coffe or a tea. The food is great, but a littel bit expensive
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Ana Nichita
3 aprilie 2017 18:09

Beautiful location, very crowded during the summer weekends. The waiters are not always paying attention to customers so it might take quite a while to get the order or the bill
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Daniel Loewa
6 aprilie 2017 14:45

Great location. Lousy service.
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Bogdan Năstase
27 ianuarie 2017 18:24

Nice place, it is in a historical building, they have good coffee and nice peope.
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