Burger Van Home

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Strada Sperantei 6, Universitate, București
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Burger Van Home este cel mai nou proiect al nostru, un loc dedicat burgerilor si experimentelor culinare

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 22:00


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I Ioana
8 ianuarie 2019 10:01 Rezervat în data de 7 ianuarie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Burgerii au fost buni, muzica a fost putin prea tare si nu reuseam sa ne auzim la masa. in schimb, servirea a fost buna, iar experienta overall placuta. 4/5.

Anthony Barbusca
7 iulie 2019 16:06

These guys make the best burgers in town. I tried them yes ago when they only had one truck. I've never been disappointed. Great fries as well. You can't beat their burgers.
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Ana Maria Sabiescu
14 aprilie 2019 21:19

Really good burgers (both meat and veggie). The bun was very fluffy and delicious and the mix of sauces and vegetables was right on spot. It is not a place to hang out for a long time, but cozy nonetheless. We ate and went some other place for the drinks. Good prices too.
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Flaviu Comanescu-Balla
18 august 2019 21:17

best burgers and fries in town and a selection of good beers. they also have good ribs.
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Stefan Galescu
2 aprilie 2019 22:39

Really cozy atmosphere in a great looking place. The food (I’ve only tried the burgers) is amazing. They never use frozen meat and honestly you can tell. Also, the meat is properly cooked but any preferences will be accommodated. What you can also find here is a great selection of Romanian craft beer that just goes hand in hand with the food. The service is fast and the staff is very friendly. Stop by if you want to try some of Bucharest’s best burgers.
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Alexandra Lucaci
28 iunie 2019 08:38

Friendly personeel in a nice and cozy place. Food is delicious! Home is where all these go together! 💚
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