Burger Van Home

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Burger Van Home nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
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Strada Sperantei 6, Universitate, București

Burger Van Home

4,9 / 13 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada Sperantei 6, Universitate, București
Burger Van Home nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

Burger Van Home este cel mai nou proiect al nostru, un loc dedicat burgerilor si experimentelor culinare

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11:00 - 21:30


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4,9 / 13 voturi
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C Carmen
3 iunie 2020 19:19 Rezervat în data de 3 iunie 2020

O Oana
9 martie 2020 21:22 Rezervat în data de 9 martie 2020

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3 martie 2020 13:23 Rezervat în data de 29 februarie 2020

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4 ianuarie 2020 20:14 Rezervat în data de 4 ianuarie 2020

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1 ianuarie 2020 20:50 Rezervat în data de 1 ianuarie 2020

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31 octombrie 2019 20:21 Rezervat în data de 31 octombrie 2019

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12 august 2019 10:00 Rezervat în data de 11 august 2019

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11 iulie 2019 20:34 Rezervat în data de 11 iulie 2019

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16 mai 2019 00:28 Rezervat în data de 15 mai 2019

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T Theodora
28 ianuarie 2019 00:31 Rezervat în data de 27 ianuarie 2019

I Ioana
8 ianuarie 2019 10:01 Rezervat în data de 7 ianuarie 2019

Burgerii au fost buni, muzica a fost putin prea tare si nu reuseam sa ne auzim la masa. in schimb, servirea a fost buna, iar experienta overall placuta. 4/5.

V Viviana
12 august 2018 16:17 Rezervat în data de 12 august 2018

9 aprilie 2022 17:45

Saturday afternoon | Couples' late lunch

We were in the neighborhood and want to eat a burger. We saw this opportunity here and thought to give it a try.

The place:
You can either eat inside - eclectic style old building with modern interior - or either outside (like we did) on a side covered terrace. The bathroom is as you enter the building, underground level - beware narrow entryway!

The food:
We ordered a juicy "Royal with Cheese" and "El Guapo" burgers with a side of Bacon & (Cheddar) Cheese loaded fries.
The burgers were awesome 😎 💕
The french fries were a generous portion and delicious!

The place does delivery through the local food apps as well.

I recommend this place! ❤️
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11 septembrie 2022 12:17

I’d say 4.5 stars. Nice cozy atmosphere, friendly staff who explains each burger to you. Burger was really good and delicious. Would come back.
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3 iunie 2022 09:20

I did choose the mini burger. Great option, good taste and affordable. Small place and cozy but few people at that time.
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22 iulie 2022 18:36

Very good burgers and sandwiches! Real ground beef burgers and chicken file. Great selection, nice local beers and welcoming english speaking staff.
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29 iunie 2018 13:43

First of all, the burgers were really tasty. So that alone is worth the 5 stars. Like the perfect amount of sauce, fat and bun. The place looks nice, modern. Local craft beer on the menu is a plus. The waiter was kind of bothered at every interaction with us. Seemed like he did not like what he was doing. I hope he was just having a bad day.
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