Burger Van Home

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Strada Sperantei 6, Ştefan cel Mare, București

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Burger Van Home este cel mai nou proiect al nostru, un loc dedicat burgerilor si experimentelor culinare

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I Ioana
8 ianuarie 2019 10:01 Rezervat în data de 7 ianuarie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Burgerii au fost buni, muzica a fost putin prea tare si nu reuseam sa ne auzim la masa. in schimb, servirea a fost buna, iar experienta overall placuta. 4/5.

Irene Tudorică
8 februarie 2019 20:56

Nice and cozy atmosphere and good music.
I really enjoyed the experience that i had here!
Very tasty and fresh meat, and the french soup...just yum!
Best burger in town so far ;)
Compliments to the chef. Keep it up!
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Kass Grosu
22 februarie 2019 09:52

An amazing burger, vary menu, nice stuff.
If you order for delivery, they are super fast.
The place need a bigger house is quite busy, but they find a place all the time.
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Paul Baran
12 februarie 2019 10:17

I've always loved Burger Van, there's no equivalent! Yummy burgers that drip all over your favorite shirt coupled with great local craft beers, who needs the shirt anyway.
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Za. cky
25 ianuarie 2019 09:58

Simple tasty burger. I think had the lamb & goat, which is actually beef burger with lamb lettuce and goat cheese. The confusion! Lol but it was a good burger. The sweet potatoes fries was well made. Crispy and tasty and definitely compliment the burger.
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Diana Beatrice
13 ianuarie 2019 23:24

Best burger in town, there is no doubt about that.
I've tried all the burgers from the menu but my favourite one remains the one called "Goat&Lamb". The orange and valerian makes the taste very unique. I also find the location being very peaceful and cozy with a retro vibe.
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