Blitz Cafe

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Șoseaua Iancului 94, Vatra Luminoasă, București

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Bistro special construit ca voi sa va simtiti bine. Atmosfera placuta, mancare buna si locul de unde plecati putin mai fericiti.

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Radu Nuta
2 mai 2018 11:05

Very nice, clean and full of life after its 1st of May re-opening, great to see everyone again. A bit pricy nowdays, but the service is good, the outside seating is confortable and the food is great. Try the burgers, they are exceptional!
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Aurelian Mester
15 iunie 2018 11:11

Good food and nice atmosphere
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Lucian Popescu
15 ianuarie 2018 14:38

OK food, not a lot to choose from, pizza and burgers (that were were not available today), Otherwise a bit too greasy for my taste
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Nicolae Soare
12 iulie 2018 22:04

Cosy place for an relaxing evening.
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Mihai Tutu
20 iunie 2017 09:13

Went there with some friends to enjoy a drink and to play a trading card game (which is not a gambling game!) and the waiter was rude and practically kicked us out. He said we are not allowed to play cards there and if we don't like it, we might as well leave. We will never come back to this place.
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