Bistro Noi Doi

Prelungire Ghencea 3-5, Drumul Taberei, București
Bistro Noi Doi nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Bistro Noi Doi nu acceptă rezervări online prin
La noi gasiti preparate reci si preparate calde, puteti sa serviti masa la bistro-ul cu cele mai bune delicatese intr-o atmosfera traditionala romaneasca, numai la "Bistro Noi Doi". Va asteptam cu mare drag, cu mancare proaspata, delicioasa si preturi la fel de atractive precum gustul traditiei.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 18:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


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6 aprilie 2019 08:13

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20 august 2020 14:20

Misleading name. It's not a bistro or a restaurant. I got there to see that it was actually ... A fast food wannabe. I don't dispute that the food is good, it probably is, but the "restaurant" is not what it says it is either. For the brave, that's what I'm telling you .. Try
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12 martie 2019 14:57

Expensive, too expensive for what it offers. With regard to food, I can say that it is no longer the opening of the buffet (you just do not have the claim that the location is called a restaurant ...., not far away .... more precisely, it is a "push tray"). Baked salty bacon, more burned-dry barbecue, dry cabbage salad, etc. I think they only care about profit. Before, he's wondering about food now ... He's just clean.
P.S. maybe it was just a bad day
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14 noiembrie 2019 20:16

You are the best, food like at home.
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1 septembrie 2019 23:22

A place where I return every time with love!
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