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Drumul Taberei 122, Drumul Taberei, București


4,3 / 7 voturi
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Drumul Taberei 122, Drumul Taberei, București
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Restaurantul Azzurro imbina cu succes bucataria romaneasca cu cea italiana originara din sudul Italiei, Sicilia. Meniul, stufos va ofera posibilitatea sa gustati pizza, salate, fripturi, paste sau fructe de mare, toate preparate din cele mai proaspete si atent alese ingrediente. Chef-ul stie sa innobileze orice preparat care iti poate parea banal, cu mirodenii si sosuri care te vor face sa te indragostesti iremediabil.

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4,3 / 7 voturi
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C Cristian
6 mai 2022 23:25 Rezervat în data de 6 mai 2022

C Cătălina
4 aprilie 2022 09:45 Rezervat în data de 27 martie 2022

S Simona
19 ianuarie 2022 22:07 Rezervat în data de 19 ianuarie 2022

Atmosfera relaxantă, mâncarea foarte gustoasa. Revenim de fiecare data cu mare plăcere

U Urmuz
7 ianuarie 2022 00:04 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2022

A Andreea
20 iulie 2021 12:10 Rezervat în data de 17 iulie 2021

A Alina
13 iunie 2020 23:17 Rezervat în data de 13 iunie 2020

B Baluta
14 februarie 2018 22:13 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2018

Foarte ok localul dar mai ales personalul localului care sunt foarte amabili.

20 septembrie 2022 13:14

If I regard this restaurant as a neighborhood restaurant, I would give it 5 stars.
The 4 stars are for the following:
Food: the food is good, but I could say it is a bit overpriced considering the area the restaurant is in.
Regarding the T-Bone's and cow meat stakes, the price is per 100g something around 28Ron. I do dislike this fact, as , normally, I would like to see a fixed price. Due to this, I never tried them.
What I have served until now are: lasagna, cordon bleu, pollo "Azzuro", vegetable sote, mushroom sote, fries, potatoes made in the oven etc. All these were good and I did not leave unsatisfied.
I have also ordered bruschetta with tomatoes and I was a bit disappointed as they were not made the way bruschetta is supposed to be made, there were a few slices of toasted bread with cut tomatoes on them. I could say the same about chips and guacamole, pros to them as they are making their own chips, however the guacamole sauce barely had avocado in it.

Drinks *this is for the girls*:
Regarding cocktails, I am very pretentious and I like sweet drinks a lot. I have tried :Mai Tai, Electric Lemonade and another Strawberry one. The first two are the sweetest and I would surely recommend the Electric Lemonade.

Serving size: It is decent, if you have a normal apetite, I doubt you will order something else to eat. You will definitely feel pretty full after one meal + an appetizer.

Generally they have a pretty bored attitude and seem like they do not care much, however I had no issues with them as far as serving and chatting goes.

** If you go with a date, expect to spend something around 250 with tips added. That if you consume around 2 drinks each and serve a main course each with one appetizer for both
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15 august 2022 14:47

Expensive, but really delicious food. Definitely worth the price. Will come again!
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9 septembrie 2020 11:58

The worst experience I have dealt with in my life, this place have employees like a owner of a business,acting as a God in front of a customer, but don't have 7 years from home and school or education and intelligence is lower then minimum level admissible in this world. If you want to drink something you must have extra time to wait, at lest 10 minutes to be asked what you want, another 10 minutes to be served and another 10 for payment ,because you are not important if you are by yourself, your order is too low compared to a table with over 5 people. So ,dear customers I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE
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1 septembrie 2022 22:24

The restaurant has good food and more often than not we got good service. The prices are fair and the ambiance is nice on the terrace.
Overall a very good experience!
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27 august 2022 16:35

Haven't eaten in a while at Azzuro but from now on I'll definitely avoid. I orderd the pasta olio e peperoncino and got a pasta soup. Victor de waiter has a lot to learn.
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