Bingo Chez Gabi

Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 11, Timişoara, București
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Bingo Chez Gabi nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Bingo Chez Gabi îți pune oferă preparate din bucătăria românească și italienească, inclusiv pizza.

Pe lângă restaurant, ai la dispoziție un bar și o terasă, mese de tenis, de biliard plus jocuri de noroc.

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Luni - Duminică
08:00 - 06:00


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Cristin Sirbu
4 octombrie 2018 22:19

Very nice view from the upper level, chill and cosy. Nice waiters, just a lil too much time to be noticed or maybe i cought a crowded night. Perfect for both a beer with friends and for chilling nicely
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Andrei Demeny
17 iunie 2018 21:54

Good menu variety (some of the items were not available), the tiramisu was excellent. The staff isn't very prompt to respond, it can take minutes for you to get noticed and cared for (we've been waiting for our check for over 10 minutes), decent prices. The atmosphere is not particularly interesting but it's a fine place for a quick bite.

You can also play pool and table tennis.
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Victor Stoian
15 octombrie 2018 01:07

Nice way to spend a few hours if you are out of ideeas!
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Hexagonul Idiotilor
10 septembrie 2018 02:06

Very good ping pong tables, and just a cool place to chill, also good price/quality ratio
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Alexandru Niculae
13 iunie 2018 18:19

Nice old bingo club. Probably the only in Bucharest. Decent food, good prices, crowdy during weekends. There is also a slot room, a billiard room, a Coffee shop and, a restaurant.
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