Beer O'Clock

Pasajul Vilacrosse (Calea Victoriei) 20, Centrul Vechi, București

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Beer O'Clock este un bar localizat la adresa Pasajul Vilacrosse (Calea Victoriei) numărul 20. Deschis zilnic între orele 17:00 - 02:00.

La Beer O'Clock te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american.

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Valentino Leardini
10 august 2018 20:01

Simple old style pub. You smell masculinity in all corners, as everything in this place is raw and concrete. Great place to spend some good time with friends. And the beer selection is fantastic. Top.
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Johanna Constantinescu
29 august 2018 20:56

Excellent place to go and change your ideas about beer. I hadn't been a beer fan before I tasted Italobanger, or a very flavored IPA like Crowd Control.
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Sinca Emil
26 iulie 2018 13:03

Expensive beers?
No. Because the drinks here are just labeled as beers. When in fact they are a whole adventure for your taste buds. You can't really compare them to a good beer. A good beer is just beer that tastes good. But here you just get an explosion of taste.
To this review's date i've only tried 4 different beers and they've all been worth it.
I urge you to try them.
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Adrian Popirlan
31 august 2018 22:10

Quite a good selection of beers. Worth a look. Be advised, there is no food on the menu.
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Daniel Stoicescu
20 august 2018 10:58

Great beer selection. The personel tho.. it could certainly be a little bit nicer. :))
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