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Mihai Eminescu 80, Romană, București

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Beca’s Kitchen se află aproape de Piaţa Romană, pe str. Mihai Eminescu. Numele îi vine de la Andreea Beca – ea e creatoarea răsfăţurilor culinare pe care le puteţi savura în acest simpatic spaţiu.

Promisiunea Beca’s este de a servi mâncare gustoasă, sănătoasă, făcută cu mult drag, folosind ingredinte simple.

Bistroul este destul de micuţ, dar amenajat cochet şi aerisit, cu mult bun gust. Nu este însă un loc pretenţios, dimpotrivă. Luminat plăcut, cald, cu muzică relaxantă.

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Marți - Vineri
18:00 - 22:00
12:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Beca's Kitchen"

Kevin Luck
29 iunie 2017 20:04

Wow. What a gem to find in Romania. Away from the busy touristy section is this great small restaurant cooking way above what you are going to expect for the location and size of place. Beca herself will come out and go over the menu and tell you in great detail how every dish is prepared. We had everything from a marinated Turkey breast in red wine, Sea bass, Shrimp and Spinach Lasagna. Mind you - I just got off a two week Viking River Cruise with teams of chefs creating amazing dishes - This was just as good. I really, really loved the homemade Chocolate Ice cream with pepper.
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Alan Jones
19 iulie 2017 21:55

Not the best of locations, but am absolute gem! Only 9 tables, so best to book if you can. The menu was a total surprise. Well thought out, cooked to order and absolutely delicious.
The staff are so friendly, and English is no problem. We had two courses for two people with beer for around £30, including the the tip.
A must do in Bucharest.
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Yvonna Hofnar
14 iunie 2017 09:38

The type of place you want to end your night in with a couple of friends, because it simply feels like home. The menu offers great options and the lovely hosts that comes and gives you suggestions if needed or explains to you the way they're cooking some specific dish, it all makes the experience even better. Call now and make a reservation :)
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Sikander Siraj
18 iunie 2017 19:07

Lovely place in a quiet neighbourhood. The menu has plenty of options for all kinds of tastes - even vegetarians. Beca is normally present in the restaurant herself and takes the food orders herself with her big smile, describing the dishes in detail and making recommendations!
Definitely one of the better food experiences in Bucharest!
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André Ri
21 iulie 2017 12:10

A lovely place with a small but very delicious selection of healthy food. Staff is very friendly and helpful, prices are good as well (60 Lei for food with dessert and drinks).
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