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General Eremia Grigorescu 10, Piața Romană, București
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POINT nu acceptă rezervări online prin
POINT este un art hub dedicat manifestărilor de tip cultural-artistice​ din Bucureşti​.Unicitatea clubului constă în capacitatea sa de a reuni o serie largă de discipline artistice într-un singur loc plus o zonă de dining, un bar modern şi o terasă spaţioasă. Încercăm să pătrundem pe piaţă cu un concept nou​ şi exclusivist dedicat pasionaţilor de artă şi teatru.

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Luni - Joi
Vineri - Duminică
12:00 - 00:00


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1 martie 2020 17:17

Quite surprisingly good food. Had some poached eggs with provolone, hollandaise sauce and mushrooms on a slice of bread with kale and poatato chips, i think. Good coffee and nice range of alcoholic beverages, including cool gin. Pretty delicious carrot cake due to the fact that it had serious cream and was not dry, but creamy juicy. Was reluctant to eat there as its a hub for artistic events, but now I love the concept. Good food and cool events and nice terrace. And good location. Hipster music and design, well thought and cute. Various events to attend if ure interested in theatre, documentaries, movies. Quite nice, they have only the brunch menu from 12.00 - 16.00 - basically various egg varieties, and after 16.00 they have regular menu or menu of the week, like pasta with beef and white sauce or cauliflower soup. Bet they are tasty and heard they also had some delicious beef sandwich, must try it sometime soon.
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1 februarie 2020 15:42

Their place is absolutely beautiful. I had the chance of going on the first they when their outside terrace was open this year; very well designed. Their coffee is good, well-balanced, not extraordinary, but good enough. I had the huevos rancheros which was extremely tasty and quite a lot on the plate. The hollandaise sauce on the poached eggs was also very good and the complimentary bread chewy and tasty. The service was friendly and fast as well, so nothing to complain about, as well as the prices, which are on the cheaper side regarding brunch spots in Bucharest. I definitely recommed POINT for a lunch break during the weekends and I'm looking forward to coming as a theatre passionate.
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9 februarie 2020 13:23

A pretty place with really good and nicely looking food
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7 decembrie 2019 12:33

Great brunch! Poached eggs with dutch souse and the pancakes are the best 👌
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12 decembrie 2019 19:08

One of the tastiest meals I've had lately. 👌
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