Bachus Burgers & More

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Calea Grivitei 204d, Grivița, București
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Restaurantul Casa Bachus impleteste istoria Bucurestiului cu savoarea preparatelor facute cu pricepere. Ne gasiti pe Calea Grivitei 204D, intr-una dintre casele in care Gheorghe Stefanescu (zis si Bachus, dupa filmul celebru al lui Geo Saizescu, Secretul lui Bachus), vindea vin si tuica in anii 70.

Restaurantul Casa Bahus este pregatit sa acopere un segment larg de gusturi si preparate culinare internationale, astfel incat dumneavoastra sa beneficiati de o masa speciala.
Suntem in permanenta aproape de clientii nostri.

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Alcadeias90 .
11 octombrie 2019 22:10

Expensive food, compared to its quantity and quality.

Also, I ordered fried cheese with fries since I am allergic to meat and I was very shocked to find a couple of little pieces of meat in the crust of the cheese. Either it is intended, in which case you need to update the ingredients list, or it was negligence. Either way, it is a very serious issue. People can end up in hospital from stuff like this. Won't ever buy from there again.
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Johnny J
19 iulie 2019 12:34

Great burgers. One of the best I ever had. (Delivery)
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Andrei Musat
16 martie 2019 21:49

Really good ribs and awesome music! And the staff was super friendly! Had a great night out at this place.
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Gabriel Andreescu
7 august 2019 14:26

Worst food ever, lots of oil in our food (pastas were swimming in oil), the burger bread was at most from 2 days ago.
They also delivered an incomplete order.
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Sorin Verescu
26 iunie 2019 11:07

Perfect place near Spitalul de arsi. Cozy and quite place with good food. I loved it here, and the stuff is very pleasant and helpful.
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