Astrodom - închis permanent

2,0 / 4 voturi
Astrodom nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Internațională, Mediteraneană
Alexandru Constantinescu 33, Domenii, București

Astrodom - închis permanent

2,0 / 4 voturi
Internațională, Mediteraneană
Alexandru Constantinescu 33, Domenii, București
Astrodom nu acceptă rezervări online prin
The most romantic rooftop restaurant in Bucharest, Romania.

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2,0 / 4 voturi
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S Silviu
19 septembrie 2018 23:01 Rezervat în data de 19 septembrie 2018

A Andrei
18 iunie 2018 10:23 Rezervat în data de 15 iunie 2018

Dupa 40 min in care nu ne-a intrebat nimeni daca vrem de mancare am plecat sa mancam in alta parte. Oricum sunt review-uri slabe peste tot legate de mancare deci nu cred ca am pierdut nimic.

A Adrian
13 septembrie 2017 01:18 Rezervat în data de 12 septembrie 2017

T Tudor
11 septembrie 2016 00:14 Rezervat în data de 9 septembrie 2016

4 septembrie 2017 14:00

High priced, but does not deliver.

Only half the terrace has a view, on the other side you just stare at the wall.

We had a reservation but they did not communicate it to the waiters. When we arrived, all tables were full. They managed to give us a table in the bottom section and apologized.. but that's it.

The waiter mixed up the order. He suggested grilled vegetables as side dish, but everyone ordered something else. When the order arrived, all sides were veggies...
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7 august 2018 22:31

We made a reservation in advance at Astrodom to enjoy the great view. Unfortunately it rained and we had to eat at the restaurant downstairs. They had only one menu because they didn’t have more there, ok seems already strange for a restaurant which wasn’t so occupied...
The waiter who was very strange and unfriendly told us directly before we ordered that they only have fish, pasta or meat. They didn’t even have cocktails, starters or desserts?! So I ordered a grapefruit juice, guess what I got, a peach juice, serios?!
Still hungry we ordered the seafood plate. I had to post the picture of the seafood plate that you get an idea what they call seafood plate. We got for 95 RON rubber fish, with calamari rings from mega image and a burnt octopus. Worst seafood plate I ever had. We paid in total 183 RON for this really bad experience. The cherry on top was the “friendly” waiter which told us to book next time in advance...
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11 iunie 2018 21:00

Not all food is good, ex humus is horrible
The rest from out photos are ok
Service was ok but takes time
Quite expensive for the portions
View is ok

Will not comeback soon... but for one time is ok
Wanted to do an event here, not anymore
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2 septembrie 2017 11:44

The star is for the location, oleanders and ambiental music.
- reservation done with 2-3 days before not sent, not respected
- elitist in menu and prices, but poor menu, orders not respected
- no cover on the table, not even a temporary one, like in any pub - of course it was dust on the table
If you want to impress your guests with panorama and high prices, go there - at least you'll have fun if the company is ok .
The elevator can be deranged - such was the case for us, but exercise is good.
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19 mai 2017 22:07

Poor service! Not enough value for money! Beautiful view tough!
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