Aria Gourmet Burger

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Strada Slanic 2, Universitate, București

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Locatia aduce in peisajul urban retetele unui Chef pregatit la Paris, cu experienta in restaurante cu 2 stele Michelin, Chef Manuela Paraschivescu.

Veti avea ocazia sa descoperiti un retetar proaspat, nou, diferit, la preturi accesibile, deosebit de tot ceea ce ofera piata in acest moment.

Retete originale, sanatoase, home made, sosuri gandite special pentru fiecare tip de burger.

Pe langa selectia de burgeri gustosi puteti servi si salate, wrapuri si deserturi delicioase, atent preparate de Chef Paraschivescu.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Aria Gourmet Burger"

Hitesh Choudhary
13 iunie 2019 07:01

It's a must visit place. I tried vegetarian burger and it was nice and unique.
Their fries are not so great, you can skip them. I recommend to serve fries with some dipping.

Must try place!
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Turi Nuri
6 iulie 2019 19:08

Was great.
Nice place!
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ade bisi
26 martie 2019 23:40

good place if you’re hungry or in a hurry because they move fast. ate here a few times but the last time i went here i ordered a latino spicy macho (as I remember) menu and the burger tasted like kebab. nothing american . awful. also, the fries aren’t too good and the portions are little for their prices and quality.
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Ramez Osta
27 aprilie 2019 02:11

Hamburgers is all about how you choose your meat and Aria should've chosen more delicately. Location is perfect, prices are average but they should do better!!
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Finn Adam
11 iunie 2019 21:23

Quite good burgers,but Bad fries and to expensive in comparission to other Bukarest restaurants
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