Aria Gourmet Burger

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Strada Slanic 2, Centrul vechi, București

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Locatia aduce in peisajul urban retetele unui Chef pregatit la Paris, cu experienta in restaurante cu 2 stele Michelin, Chef Manuela Paraschivescu.

Veti avea ocazia sa descoperiti un retetar proaspat, nou, diferit, la preturi accesibile, deosebit de tot ceea ce ofera piata in acest moment.

Retete originale, sanatoase, home made, sosuri gandite special pentru fiecare tip de burger.

Pe langa selectia de burgeri gustosi puteti servi si salate, wrapuri si deserturi delicioase, atent preparate de Chef Paraschivescu.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Aria Gourmet Burger"

Ele B
6 martie 2019 22:54

Friendly staff and really tasty food.
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Antonio Stura
3 octombrie 2018 12:12

Quite good burger. Not the largest I had but I was almost full. Note that there are no tables here. You can sit on high bar chairs along the window.
Neighborhood looks a bit shady as it's off the main tourist area.
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Maron M
26 august 2018 14:56

Update: The manager called us the same day and explained there was a mix-up because of a new employee. They also offered us our initial order on the house and apologized for what happened.
The sushi burgers were delicious, fairly big and the beverages they sent were very well received. I was very impressed on how they handled the situation and thankful that they tried their best to make up for it. We will try their sushi burger again! :)

The estimated delivery time was 90 minutes. After 3 hours we were still waiting for our order, so we called to ask what happened. They didn't pick up when we tried calling from the number we used in our order, but when we tried from another number they picked up right away. We received no explanation, no apologies and the person who answered the phone didn't care at all, so we decided to cancel the order.
I will never try ordering from them again. A restaurant who treats their customers like this is not a good place to begin with.
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Alexandru Ciobanu
26 februarie 2019 17:42

Very good burgers and sweets. Ordered many times from this place.
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Cristina Barbu
8 martie 2019 23:25

One of the best burgers in Bucharest.
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