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Aria Gourmet Burger

2,8 / 2 voturi
Strada Slanic 2, Universitate, București
Aria Gourmet Burger nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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Aria Gourmet Burger nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Locatia aduce in peisajul urban retetele unui Chef pregatit la Paris, cu experienta in restaurante cu 2 stele Michelin, Chef Manuela Paraschivescu.

Veti avea ocazia sa descoperiti un retetar proaspat, nou, diferit, la preturi accesibile, deosebit de tot ceea ce ofera piata in acest moment.

Retete originale, sanatoase, home made, sosuri gandite special pentru fiecare tip de burger.

Pe langa selectia de burgeri gustosi puteti servi si salate, wrapuri si deserturi delicioase, atent preparate de Chef Paraschivescu.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


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2,8 / 2 voturi
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M Maria
6 februarie 2020 11:04 Rezervat în data de 5 februarie 2020

Nu exista mese, doar un bar cu cateva scaune inalte (prin cateva ma refer la 3-4). Aceasta locatie nu ar trebui sa fie pe aplicatie, este inutil sa rezervi o masa care nu exista!

S Stefan
29 iunie 2017 09:19 Rezervat în data de 27 iunie 2017

11 decembrie 2019 15:19

Best burger place in Bucharest. Their recipes are truly special and their buger with picked pineapple is a must try. They also have very tasty vegetarian options and a nice selection of drinks, including ginger beer. The staff is nice and friendly. The food is made on the spot, just when you order it, so it's always fresh. Keep up the good work!
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28 ianuarie 2020 23:56

This is one terrific little spot for dinner. The burgers were the tastiest I've had for a really long time , and at a really affordable price. This is well worth the long walk in the snow!
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20 februarie 2020 13:57

An ordinary burger, nothing special even though it costs quite a lot for it's size. The meat was without taste and too salty. Fries are sold separately. I ordered via Glovo a Cheeseburger and did not visit the location. It's just a matter of taste I think, I saw many positive comments about Aria Gourmet Burger, being the reason why I ordered in the first place. But I can tell for sure there are other better burgers in town.
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3 martie 2020 21:05

Good vegetarian burgers and I would love to see a bit more of investment in customer service.
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5 februarie 2020 20:07

So I ordered 2 mini burgers and one burger and what I got were some undersized meals. 106 gr instead of 160 gr for the mini one and 248 gr instead of 320 gr, according to YOUR menus. Hope that somebody who see this will avoid you, exactly how I’m gonna do starting from now. You don’t deserve owning a restaurant and people like you are the reason why we Romanians are seen as thieves wherever we go. Disgraceful.
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