Arena Pub

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Splaiul Independentei 290, Regie, București

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De 6 ani ArenA Pub este cel mai mediatizat PUB din Regie... și nu numai!!!
Te așteptăm să petreci alături de noi momente frumoase din viața ta și cu sigurantă o să revii!!!!!

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Marți - Duminică
16:00 - 04:00


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Andrei Dragomir
26 martie 2019 18:09

Great local for a concert, a stand-up show, a party. Sometimes it gets too crowded and it becomes hard to stay inside without sweating a lot. They don't have a variety of beers (only Ciuc and Heineken) but they have good prices for the drinks.
Overall, a nice place to spend your afternoon and night.
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Paul Marian Stoica
4 aprilie 2019 22:58

Great pub. Been here a lot of times for standup nights
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16 noiembrie 2018 02:59

I was here at a stand-up comedy show and they didn't have enough seats, we had a wall in front of us, we couldn't see anything and the prices are high for everything.
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Lucian Moldovanu
3 martie 2018 21:36

Overcrowded.. on a night with show, only 1 beer in menu (that is, 0.25l).. cannot make reservations online or in any other way, only cash om site.. keep it up, guys, getting better every time I come here :(
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lorena ivan
22 februarie 2019 10:30

Quite nice
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