Strada Radu Cristian 3, Universitate, București

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Amada e un restaurant care aduce aromele si spiritul mediteranean in Bucuresti. Folosind tehnici si mirodenii gasite de-a lungul coastei, aici puteti incerca mancaruri si delicatese croate, italienesti, grecesti, libaneze si altele asemenea. Oferim cel mai proaspat peste si il vindem la kilogram. Recomandam sa sunati inainte si sa faceti o rezervare. Deschidem pe timpul verii, dupa 18:00.

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Georgiana Nedelcu
12 iulie 2018 23:58

A cozy, almost vintage place that recreates the atmosphere of a small Greek restaurant by the beach. All sea food dishes taste amazing, good portions and the prices are very affordable. Nice service and comfortable seating. Don't forget to make a reservation! Will visit again for sure. Dearly recommend it to all the foodies out there. :)
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Emanuel Parvulescu
14 iunie 2018 02:22

Excellent taverna with great food, drinks and atmosphere. A perfect greek touch in Bucharest
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Constantin Potorac
29 iunie 2018 21:13

Overpriced location. Do not reccomend. Dorada was delicious though the price is too much.

The waiter was very rude.

Dorada took one hour to prepare although the place was pretty empty.

For a greek restaurant there was no greek vibe to the location. They do not accept credit card and don't have change for big cash.
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Mihai Murineanu
29 mai 2018 19:24

Cozy ultra central restaurant with a great selection of Romanian wines and Mediterranean recipes for appetizers. Everything is freshly cooked by the two skillful chef's.
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Ebbe Groes
3 iulie 2018 19:43

Judge them on their Greek salad. Simply the best.
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