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Constantin Mille 4, Universitate, București
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Alt Shift Control. Sigur ai făcut sau auzit gluma asta măcar o dată. Alt Shift este al doilea Shift din București, locul cu poate cele mai bune paste verzi din Capitală și localul din care fugi direct în club seara, după cină. Sau poate în Cișmigiu, dacă ai încercat prea multe preparate din meniu.

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I Ioana
9 februarie 2018 20:52 Rezervat în data de 9 februarie 2018 prin

Atmosfera placuta, personal amabil si mancarea foarte buna (portiile sunt foarte mari)
Nota 10+

R Roxana
21 ianuarie 2018 13:34 Rezervat în data de 20 ianuarie 2018 prin

Calitatea mancarii este medie, portiile in schimb sunt exagerat de mari. Servirea uneori extrem de promta, dar cand localul este plin poate dura chiar si 1h sa iti aduca mancarea. Atmosfera placuta si muzica buna. Nota finala este cam 3.5.

M Monica
13 ianuarie 2018 18:15 Rezervat în data de 13 ianuarie 2018 prin

Mancare delicioasa, portii mari, atmosfera placuta, ospatari prompti si politicosi!

A Andreea
10 martie 2017 20:21 Rezervat în data de 9 martie 2017 prin

mâncare buna, porții mari. super atmosfera. oricând cu mare drag.

Andrei Senseutchi
11 februarie 2018 11:35

Alt-Shift is one of the places to visit in Bucharest, if you want to have a good meal in a pleasant atmosphere.
The place has a minimalist feel to it, which i really like and it attracts a lot of interesting people(myself not included).

As I've mentioned the food is good, prices are a bit above average, but not as high as one might expect.

Couple of things to mention, you can get their pizza only at 12 a.m.

You need to have a reservation for the Thursday - Saturday night, if you want to get a table.
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Mark Tang
18 februarie 2018 21:40

Very cool restaurant. I had the beef schnitzel - really well cooked with two sauces: a fruit jam which just worked really well with the schnitzel, and a gorgonzola sauce. The schnitzel and gorgonzola sauce were a bit bland for my North American tastes but the jam was really delicious. The grilled vegetables were grilled vegetables - nothing special but nice to have a few greens and fiber. Also got the meringue cake. It was prettier than it was tasty, but might be because I like my sweets sweeter. If you're looking for something a bit different and contemporary (and tastier) than the tourist circuit, I'd recommend this place! Great list of Romanian wines, too.
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Diana Chirila
23 ianuarie 2018 23:48

Super good food, especially the pasta, zucchini and the cheese soup. They also have a good selection of wine and the atmosphere is great. Really popular among young people and not only. Definitely a must go if you appreciate good food.
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Adriana Dumitrof
31 decembrie 2017 19:06

I've been here for lunch and a reservation is more than recommended.
And I've also been at 12am, after a concert and they serve food late at night too.
The food is really good and the pizza they have is amazing. It takes some time to get it, but totally worth it.
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Tiago Carvalho
11 ianuarie 2018 18:04

Amazing cocktails and the food is crazy tasty. Huge portions, beautiful presentation, and the prices are just too low to be real!! Can't wait to be back in Bucharest :D
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