Ali Baba

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Șoseaua Mihai Bravu 213, Muncii, București
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Restaurant Ali Baba din Bucuresti, restaurant cu specific oriental, este amplasat in zona Muncii, pe Soseaua Mihai Bravu la nr 213, in apropiere de intersectia cu Calea Calarasilor, Bulevardul Basarabia si Bulevardul Decebal.

Restaurantul, decorat in stil oriental, ne aminteste de povestea binecunoscuta a lui Ali Baba si formula magica " Sesam, deschide-te !" a pesterii cu comori. Meniul de restaurant aduna preparate din bucatariile popoarelor orientale: libanez, persan, turcesc, sirian, irakian, etc.

Intr-un decor in care troneaza pe tot peretele chiar pictura cu Ali Baba, peretii fiind sculptati si pictati de mana cu mestesug, numeroasele obiecte de artizanat oriental creaza un adevarat colt de orient in care va invita sa degustati specialitati libaneze, persane, turcesti, siriene, irakiene din bucataria libaneza, persana, turceasca, siriana, irakiana gatite de maestrii bucatari cu experienta bogata in domeniu: Khaled Kalfat din Liban si Arkan Kadr din Irak.

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Păreri despre "Ali Baba"

H Havana
6 ianuarie 2018 17:18 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2018 prin

f buna mancarea
f ok servirea
Nota zece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruxandra Costescu
21 iunie 2019 10:07

In my opinion, the best restaurant in Bucharest! Food is consistently excellent, everything on the menu is extra flavorful and homemade tasting. Very reasonably priced, one can get a very large meal made up of a combination of several dishes for the price of 1-2 dishes in most other non fast food places. Vegetarian (vegan) options are plentiful, varied, and delicious.
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Fatu Manuela
8 august 2019 00:58

Tasty food! I highly recommend their salads and "lipia".
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Gabriel Avasiloae
8 august 2019 23:37

very quick service. good food
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Aura Dobre
10 august 2019 15:09

A good place to celebrate my 49th birthday!
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8 august 2019 19:23

This is a restaurant where we come for around 10 years, occasionally. It used to be good food consistently at relatively low prices, with a non pretentious design. I remember getting pickles for free, servis. The staff was very stable. Wide menu, good appetizers, good kebabs. As years passed, the competition around increased with new restaurants appearing, they also refurbished, costs went up and this reflected in their offer negatively. The last few times the dishes were inconsistent in quality. Now the baba ghanouj had a taste which seemed different and not in a positive wat, the appetizers were all in smaller sizes spread on the side of the plate thinly and the food is more expensive (still affordable) . On hot summer day the ayran was not cold enough. Lahmacun and haruf are good and good prices . The service was ok, very quick. More like 2.5 stars and we probably need to try their Turkish competition - beyond that, there are many small good restaurants in the neighbourhood where you can eat better and cheaper.
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