Aida Bistro - Pour Les Gourmands!

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Calea Rahovei 147-153, Centru, București

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Aida Bistro vă propune o călătorie culinară, pornind din centrul gastronomiei mondiale, Franța, trecând printre pescarii gălăgioși și bistrourile din port, de pe coasta Portugaliei, ajungem dincolo de ocean în renumitele Barrio argentiniene, acolo unde în fiecare casă găsim celebrul Asado (grill), coastele rumenite și sosul chimichurri. Este o incursiune în spațiul de latinitate universal, unde masa este un ritual, un moment de tihnă și liniște în familie și între prieteni. Vă propunem o alternativă la meniurile clasice, printr-o experiență de tip boutique gourmet și o atmosferă pe măsură.

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M Marcel
14 august 2017 00:14 Rezervat în data de 13 august 2017 prin

Mancare gustoasa, serviciul promit , interiorul și terasa nu sunt la nivelul la care m-am asteptat. Terasa nu este amenajată cum ar trebui.

Lai Lai
4 iunie 2018 10:43

Venue and food is great. The serving took long and at one point they didn't bother to check on us and they messed up the check:-(
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31 martie 2018 21:15

We came here sat down in a cold room ordered wine which took really long. Then we wanted to order food and they told us, that they have a huge group and that our food will take 1,5 hours. And this was after pouring in the wine 😡 and also the music is completely inappropriate. Dance music while drinking red wine - no!
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Tiberiu Maxim
23 decembrie 2017 09:46

Surprisingly good, after trying the few other places around it. The food was tasty, the prices were fair, the service was great. Definitely pick this one if you're in the area and want to eat.
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Cosmin Catalin Ticu
3 octombrie 2016 14:37

It's a very upscale bistro with great food choices but not an affordable price. Neither is there too much room for movement. On the other hand, it has a stunning bathroom and the location is really nice and fairly easy to get to. Would recommend for a fancy date or a fancy suit'n'tie night out.
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Alina Urdea
25 iulie 2017 23:58

Nice place to have a lunch or hold a wedding party.
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