Ad Hoc Bistro

4,5 / 26 voturi
C. A. Rosetti 10, Romană, București

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Ad Hoc Bistro este un restaurant localizat la adresa C. A. Rosetti numărul 10. Deschis zilnic între orele 09:00 - 23:00.

La Ad Hoc Bistro te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific urban sau american.

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A Alexandru
26 aprilie 2019 18:52 Rezervat în data de 25 aprilie 2019 prin

De aceasta data, usor dezamagit de ambienta. Un barman frustrat, ce arunca sticlele intr-o lada cu sticle goale fix sub bar (probabil ca sa stie toti clientii ca el munceste...) plus o duduie “boss” care statea foarte prost cu nervii si tipa la aproape toti angajatii...

M Mihai
6 octombrie 2018 16:01 Rezervat în data de 6 octombrie 2018 prin

Mancare aratoasa si gustoasa! Dezamagit de tortul Oreo din pacate, dar in rest foarte bun!

M Mihaela
10 martie 2018 11:02 Rezervat în data de 9 martie 2018 prin

Preț calitate lasă de dorit Pastele cu Pesto și avocado pline de ulei

M Mihail
21 martie 2017 20:01 Rezervat în data de 19 martie 2017 prin

Mancare k . Preturile mlt prea mari pt ce ofera. O portie de 3 cartofi( 2 lei kg)20 lei...

Absolutely Gnarly
22 aprilie 2019 12:26

The place looks nice and clean, and it's not smelly. The staff were OK I guess, and the food was decent, it was not disgusting or anything like that, but the worst part about this place is the pricing. For the quality of the food, the price should be 5 times lower. They're asking for 60 Lei for some shrimp pasta, which you can get for half the price at other restaurants in town like "Alt + Shift". Chairs are high and it's a bit difficult to feel comfortable there, especially if you have back problems.

TL;DR - Decent food but incredibly overpriced
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Silviu Dan Tanasie
12 mai 2019 17:21

A surprisingly nice place to have brunch. The coffee is ok, not amazing, but ok. The breakfast/brunch is great quality and well priced. I highly recommend it. The only major downside is the waiting time which can be more than half an hour. The sitting is also limited so there is a good chance you won't find a free table without reservation.
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Oana Calcan
9 ianuarie 2019 14:05

I always enjoy the food and atmosphere here. They have a very well put together menu, that can satisfy all preferences and are always serving fresh ingredients. Also, they serve breakfast for the entire day which is quite uncommon in Bucharest, but very welcomed. Don't forget to try their deserts. Delicious. Friendly staff and nice location. They could use some more comfortable chairs, though.
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Rox Lupea
26 februarie 2019 13:53

Great food. Friendly staff. Nice location. Perfect place to spend some time and have a nice lunch or a perfect dinner
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David Cerrato
18 aprilie 2019 14:24

Very good food, ambient and service.
A bit overpriced but I will return sure.
It is a very good place
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